Paddy Kearney released from Cerberus loan debt thanks to Robinsons ‘influence’ #NAMA

Today more exclusive revelations can shed light on corruption, greed and criminality which runs to the very highest level of Government and corrupt property speculators. These white collar gangsters who have amassed millions upon millions of pounds of debt are now using the golden circle of political figures, property developers, fixers and businessmen to contrive together- using political influence- to ensure that the tax payer picks up the bill.

PBM, who recently have changed their name to Kilmona holdings in an illicit attempt to cover up the paper trail, had amassed hundreds of millions of pounds of debt through their loans. On 28th January 2015 it was announced that the company had refinanced their loans, held by Cerberus as part of its purchase of the NAMA loan book, via an American company. 

PBM is owned by Paddy Kearney, a friend of First Minister Peter Robinson and a tax exile living in Gibraltar who hasn’t paid taxes in twenty years. You will also see from the attached documents that the Solictors for Kilmona- PBM’s ‘new’ name- is none other than Tughans.  

 Following NAMA’s purchase of the NI loan book Paddy Kearney approached Peter Robinson through Alan Maines, a former RUC fraud squad officer ironically, and sought the First Minister to use his influence with Cerberus to have him released from his loan guarantees. 

Peter Robinson held a secret meeting with Jefferies, the American firm who agreed to refinance the PBM loanbook, and as a result secured a sweetheart deal for Paddy Kearney. This meeting was not in the OFMDFM diary or publicised. 

Extracts from the audited accounts of Kilmona holdings (PBM) are included in this blog. The accounts for year ending June 2014 were signed off by the directors on the 27th March 2015. In the declaration they have confirmed that “so far as each individual director is aware, there is no relevant audit information of which the group’s auditor is unaware.” Of course, missing within the accounts, which shows a loss of £216 million and a net deficit of £223 million, is the information relating to the refinancing of the Cerberus loans- the magic wand deal secured by Peter Robinson for his property developer and business cronies!  

The auditors, as you will see by a copy of their letter attached in this blog, have expressed concern over the accounts in relation to the Cerberus loans. 

It is not only Paddy Kearney that Peter Robinson is trying to have released from their loan guarantees, it is also Michael and Kevin Lagan- who of course benefited from the sweetheart NAMA deal for the Millmount site- and tax exiles Noel Murphy and Adam Armstrong. Adam Armstrong has previously been ‘close’ to Iris Robinson. 

Peter Robinson is using his son, Gareth Robinson and also ex RUC fraud squad officer Alan Maine to act as ‘fixers’ for his business cronies. What is startling is the involvement of another man, Ranald Ogilvie Coggle, an MI5 asset, who heads up Cerberus European Servicing Ltd. Maine and Coggle met during work Coggle carried out with the RUC Fraud squad some time ago. 

In the coming days more will be revealed, for the time being the media should enquire of the First Minister about his private meeting with Jefferies and his links to Alan Maine.


#NAMA- Who is Dan Quayle & why is CIA backed hedge fund Cerberus investing in Northern Ireland? 

Cerebus is a US based hedge fund with strong links to the federal Government and which is backed by the CIA. It is used by the CIA to invest across the world and subsequently to use their financial resources to implement US foreign policy. The hedge fund is deeply invested in the production and supply of arms and a number of companies linked to Cerberus are major players in the military and security forces contracting world. 

   Cerberus has been investigated before in relation to CIA contracting scandals and companies under investigation had close ties to former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Vice President Dan Quayle and Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfield. 

Cerberus now owns Dyncorp, one of the worlds largest data collection agencies. Dyncorp snoop on citizens behalf of the CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies. Dyncorp has been at the centre of allegations of running sex slave rings in countries such as Bosnia. 

  The Chairman of Cerberus is Dan Quayle, the former Vice President in the George Bush administration. In 1987 during a US customs seizure of a plane belonging to a major drugs smuggler linked to the CIA- backed Contras, an address book belonging to Robert Owens, a one-time aide of Dan Quayle, was found. Owens began working for Quayle in 1980 and left in November 1983 to work on ‘project Democracy’, which oversaw US Arm shipments to the Contras. The CIA used the profits from cocaine smuggling to fund this enterprise. 

Meetings between Robert Owens and link men to the Contras and cocaine smuggling were held in Dan Quayle’s office. 

   It has been claimed in books, that George Bush used the CIA to bring down Jimmy Carter and it was during this period that it is alleged those loyal to Bush and the CIA began infiltrating law firms, senate houses, PR and lobbying firms. One of those persons was Dan Quayle. His work for George Bush earned him the vice Presidency in 1988. 

   A major source of Quayles political power in Indianna is a man who moved within the highest echelons of the CIA, Beurt SerVass. SeRvass was a close associate of former CIA Director William Casey. SerVass was a member of the Executive board of the Veterans of the O.S.S which it has been claimed, runs the CIA from behind the scenes. 

  In the early 1980’s SerVass used family connections to set up a channel between the CIA and French DIA officials who then went on to play an important role in arms shipments to Iran during the Reagan- Bush administration. The link between French intelligence and the CIA is important as it was this channel that was used to snare three members of Ulster Resistance in Paris in 1989, as they were about to hand over missile components to Armscor officials as part of a deal in exchange for weapons. 

   One of those arrested was Noel Little, the father of one of Peter Robinson’s closest aides, Emma Little (married name Pengally). Rumours have persisted that members of Ulster Resistance were set up and betrayed by those who had encouraged and supported them in the background. There has also been sensational, although unsubstantiated, claims that the Ulster Resistance loyalists were set up by a particular individual within the highest echeloens of political Unionism, who had ‘links’ to America. 

The CIA certainly had an interest in making sure the Missile technology did not reach South Africa. Dan Quayle wrote in the Washington Post on 14th July 1989 and spoke of the dangers to American interests if foreign nations were allowed to procure and build their own missile systems. He made specific reference to Armscor, the South Africa state arms manufacturing company. 

Questions must be asked around what interest Cerberus really has in Northern Ireland? Why is this CIA hedge fund investing in Northern Ireland and why did Peter Robinson, and those around him in the DUP, go to such remarkable lengths to assistCerberus  with their late bid? 

Was it all for a ‘fixers’ pay off or is there much deeper and darker reasons?

I have been given a dark explanation as to the reason why but I think at this stage it is best to allow those with industrious minds to connect the dots themselves. 

Cerberus and Dan Quayle’s road to the NAMA deal started way back in the 1980’s, when Quayle was part of a ‘secret group’ running covert operations on behalf of the CIA and George Bush. That is when they found their man in Northern Ireland. 

The CIA had a strategic interest in Northern Ireland because they feared that the Republic could go communist, so it suited for the conflict to rumble on in Northern Ireland. 

This will all be dismissed by some as conspiracy theories, but I ask people to simply go away and do the research yourselves. Connect the dots and follow the smoking guns and eventually you will come to a very dark and murky doorway, a doorway that opens up questions not just about a couple of Million pay off for a few political ‘fixers’- but about the role of some in the entire conflict. 

Tomorrow: #NAMA, what do we know and who are the players behind the scenes? 

#NAMA- Revelations, threats & the cash for influence wing of the DUP- It hasn’t gone away your know! 

The NAMA story continues to rumble on, and Peter Robinson continues to deflect and divert in the hope of riding out the storm long enough to gracefully retire.

This blog, written by a ‘village idiot’ in the words of Peter Robinson- the First Minister- is still the only place to definitively link Peter Robinson, and his son Gareth, to the £7 million (this figure is possibly higher) scam. Of course no portion of the £7 million reached the Robinson dynasty, Ian Coulter was caught with his hand in the cookie jar before he could share the spoils, but believe you me, at least £1.2 million was destined for the swish family Robinson. 

The DUP press office had responded with a threat of legal action, a blanket threat to the entire population and all media, which stated that anyone who even mentioned or engaged with the blog would be joined in the legal action they would be commencing the next morning. I responded by releasing a second segment of allegations, safe in the knowledge that it is impossible to libel the truth.

 The mere mention of ‘Paul Tweed’ seems to be enough to make some people run for the hills, I couldn’t care less. If Paul Tweed wants to sue me on behalf of the corrupt few within the DUP, then let him go right ahead. I will welcome the transparency a court case would bring. 

The DUP then welcomed the NCA investigation, the statement however came only from a DUP ‘spokesperson’- they could not even muster up a senior party member. We also had the meeting with David Cameron, even then the DUP refused to comment. One can only speculate whether the NAMA scandal- and how to squash a hard line internal rebellion against Robinson that would threaten the institutions- was discussed. 

Then we had Ian Coulter issue a statement full of detail, but with no detail at all. It appears the £7 million, or more, was just resting in his account. He can’t tell us why though, because it is ‘sensitive’. I would say that cash for influence fees, set to be directed to the First Minister of the Country, is sensitive right enough, so I suppose he does have a point. 

Then I published some details about an internal DUP revolt, warning how senior party members would rebel over another Gareth Robinson pet project, Gaelectric. Low and behold three out of four DUP MLA’s on the DETI committee refused to take the whip. Robinson again appeared weak. 

Then we had the Robinson interview, a weary looking leader who responded to the allegations by calling me a village idiot and calling the Irish News a rag. This loss of composure from such a battle hardened political operator is quite remarkable. Could anyone imagine David Cameron going on National TV to rebuke the online blog of the ‘village idiot’? Yet that is exactly the place that the once all powerful Peter Robinson found himself in.

 The First Minister also stated he would not sue because I had no money, appearing to miss the irony in making this comment right after saying there had been ‘no vulgar talk of money’ in NAMA meetings. One would have thought clearing his name, on a matter he felt compelled to take to national television to try and rebuke, would have been the priority. Clearly not. 

Then I was given documents showing the cash for influence scam of the DUP in operation once more. This time we had Sammy Wilson, Peter Robinson, Gareth Robinson and our old bagman- Ian Coulter- all conspiring with the Lagan group in the Millmount housing project, another NAMA baby, handed over by the Anglo Irish bank. That story has not yet been fully picked up by the mainstream media, when it is it will raise even more questions for the Robinson faction of the DUP. 

And this is before we even get into revealing information about the £100,000 destined for a certain Robinson. 

I have been warned, via veiled threats, that I should ‘shut up’ and that I am messing with ‘powerful people’. Only today I was warned that I needed to ‘watch my back’. Other people have also decided to engage in some financial bargaining, in an attempt to bring pressure to bear on me, by holding a financial gun to the head of persons within sport with links to me. 

The people behind this disgraceful behaviour for the time being will remain nameless, but make no mistake about it, if you persist in trying to bring pressure to bear in this most unscrupulous manner, then it is you who will feel pressure when you are explaining to the public why you are issuing ultimatums to people who have nothing to do with this- and who have no involvement in politics or community activism- just because they happen to be social friends of mine. 

Of course there have also been the somewhat predictable smear stories and attempts to bring pressure onto me from different angles. Whilst predictable it is somewhat surprising that anyone would think this is any more than water of a ducks after being on the receiving end of threats, abuse, smears and false innuendo every day of my life for the past number of years. 

There is much more to come on NAMA, it is in the public interest that the truth is brought out and little by little it is going to come out. Death by a thousand cuts. To release everything at once would allow it to become a big scandal for a few weeks and then die off after an inquiry, that will take years, is announced. 

This would allow Peter Robinson to weather the storm and ride it out until he can contrive another crisis to deflect every ones attention, and this cycle then continues until he gracefully retires of his own free will. Then by the time those inquires come to their conclusion, he will be happily retired in his Florida or Lisburn road hide out. 

Those within the DUP who have played their role in bringing about this situation now need to put their heads up and take the opportunity that has been created. The ‘Paisleyites’ within the DUP will never have a better chance to strike, the Robinson camp is mortally wounded, and I or anyone else externally cannot finish him off in terms of internally within the DUP. 

Others have done all the dirty work; not least people like me, now it is time for the conspirators in the shadows to step forward and complete the coup. There will never be a perfect time, but all of you should know- better than me- that there has never been a better time. 

#NAMA- Gareth Robinson, Ian Coulter, the Lagan group & Millmount development 

Today the industrious journalism of the Irish News revealed that Ian Coulter, the man at the centre of the £7.5m NAMA scandal, has now taken up post with Lagan Construction, part of the Lagan group.

This is all rather interesting given that the Lagan group were one of those who retained the services of verbatim, the fantasy company of which the sole director is none other than Gareth Robinson.

Just what service did Gareth Robinson provide for the Lagan group? No one really knows, but that leads us nicely onto a wholly co-incidental story that involves NAMA, the Lagan group and a £9m investment in the Millmount site in Dundonald. 

Millmount was originally owned by the Taggart brothers and financed via the Anglo Irish bank. The Taggart brothers went into administration in 2008 and as a result of the banking crisis NAMA took control of this particular property loan that had been passed on by the Anglo Irish bank. 

Originally NAMA wanted to sell the site and had pulled the plug on plans put forward by Anglo that would have seen Lagan receive the contract to construct the homes on the Millmount site. 

NAMA originally rejected this plan and then, as if by magic, they had a change of heart and on the 16th April 2013 it was revealed that NAMA had released £9m for the development of the Millmount site – low and behold the development scheme was headed up by none other than the Lagan Group- who had of course retained the services of Mr Gareth Robinson. 

As yet no one knows what service Gareth Robinson provided for the Lagan group, but it does seem somewhat mysterious that NAMA had such a swift change of heart in relation to the Millmount site and the beneficiaries of this happened to be the Lagan group, a company who had employed the son of Mr Peter Robinson, the First Minister, to deliver some form of PR or lobbying service!

First out of the traps to warmly welcome NAMA’s change of heart was the DUP’s then finance minister, Sammy Wilson. But just what prompted this change of heart on NAMA’s part?

 Was Ian Coulter involved with the Lagan group, along with Gareth Robinson, during this period? Did Gareth Robinson use ‘influence’- through the finance minister- to put pressure on NAMA to change their mind on the Millmount development and if so, what payment did Gareth Robinson, or his company, receive for this lobbying? 

There seems to be an ever growing thread running between Ian Coulter, Gareth Robinson, DUP influence, NAMA and property/land scandals. There are many unanswered questions and now that the Irish News have helpfully proven the link between the Lagan group and Ian Coulter, it is inevitable that yet more questions- about previous NAMA deals- will raise their head.

The smoking guns hidden in plain sight- keep digging #NAMA #Gaelectric

It is now over a week since this blog became the first, and to date only place, where Peter Robinson was directly named as being the politician set to benefit from a slice of the £7.5 million syphoned into an off shore account by his friend, Ian Coulter. If one looks at the mainstream media timeline of events, there is a strange omission. It seems almost as if out of thin air, Peter Robinson came on national television and denied the allegations, allegations of course that have not been made by the mainstream media. Robinson has been tentatively linked to the whole scandal by extremely industrious and excellent journalism, but no paper or media outlet has directly named the First Minister.

 I have been the only person to name Peter Robinson and I stand over all the allegations within that first blog, published last Monday night. 

The truth is that Peter Robinson was so disturbed by the allegations, which are true, that he waited four days before launching an outburst on national television with a swipe at the Irish News, who had earned his wrath because of the industrious journalism of Brendan Hughes, and the ‘village idiots’ of social media. He was referring to me. If I was such a ‘village idiot’, then given that I was the only person to name the First Minister, why did he feel the need to go on national television and give an extremely uncomfortable interview to address the ramblings of the ‘village idiot’? 

Of course the DUP firstly threatened to sue, and then decided not to sue because I have no money. Surely ‘vulgar talk about money’ is irrelevant? I would have thought that the First Minister would have wanted to clear his name. Why has he, or Gareth Robinson, refused to refute allegations that Gareth is a habitual user of cocaine? 

Peter Robinson last week asked senior advisors within the DUP to search the internet and troll through all paperwork to ensure that nothing incriminated him or caught him with his hand directly on the cookie jar, he put plans in place to allow his old friends Ian Coulter and Frank Cushnahan to take the fall for their scheme, a scheme that both Peter, and his son Gareth Robinson, actively contrived along with Ian Coulter and Frank Cushnahan. They were either knowingly or unknowingly assisted by Simon Hamilton and Sammy Wilson. 

There is also of course the goings on within DETI, where Jonathon Bell is actively working to push through a £30 million package that will benefit Gaelectric. This will see the most senior member of their company in Northern Ireland, Patrick McGlugan, benefit. Patrick McGlugan has held a number of lunch ‘dates’ with Gareth Robinson, as well as a three way meeting between Gareth Robinson, Diane Dodds and himself. 

It is also believed that Gareth Robinson has been regularly paid, as an individual, for work carried out and this money has been deposited into a personal account rather than through his front company verbatim. An industrious journalist could do worse than delve into all the funding schemes that have OFMDFM input and they will come across irrefutable evidence of Gareth Robinson, the son of the First Minister, receiving payments through third parties receiving OFMDFM funding, for ‘advisory’ work. 

Below are five questions that the media should ask, aside from the questions already being asked about the OFMDFM document and other DUP political interference in NAMA. The smoking guns are hidden in plain sight;

1) Is Patrick McGlugan, senior Gaelectric employee negotiating, with Gareth Robinson, a £30 million DETI wind energy package, a DUP donor? 

2) During the NAMA sale process did Peter Robinson, at any stage, meet with Ian Coulter and Frank Cushnahan? 

3) How many telephone conversations did Peter Robinson hold with Ian Coulter and Frank Cushnahan, either as part of a conference call or separately, during the NAMA sale process?

4) The accounts shown for Gareth Robinsons ‘company’ do not match up with the volume of work he is known to undertake, has he filed tax returns and declared all payments received? 

5) Is Ian Coulter a donor for the DUP and were senior party members informed of his intention to provide a ‘big’ donation in return for their political ‘influence’? 

This is all only scratching the surface of the deep rooted corruption around NAMA and the DETI scheme which will see Gaelectric benefit, at the expense of the tax payer, but it seems very like it will be death by a thousand cuts. 

The information will continue to leak out little by little and eventually the whole truth of these most sordid and corrupt scams and deals will become clear. I am not mad, I am not insane and nor are my multiple sources who are in a better position than most to know the truth. 
The door has been kicked open; the First Minister has been forced to publicly address elements of the issue, keep digging and eventually the whole truth with naturally unravel.

Gareth Robinson & the wind energy lunch dates with Patrick McClugan- #DETI

This evening more details about the proposed wind energy package that is to be brought before the DETI committee at the insistence of DETI Minister, Jonathon Bell. 
It was revealed on Wednesday night that an internal revolt within the DUP was leading to a number of party members putting it up to the Robinson leadership by expressing their open opposition to Jonathon’s Bells wind energy proposals. 

On Thursday these rumblings within DETI further grew when three out of four DUP MLA’s, on the DETI committee, recorded their apologies. Further to this, on Thursday night Paul Frew, put out an extremely critical tweet of the wind energy project. 

Gareth Robinson has been heavily involved in ‘lobbying’ on behalf of Gaelectric. Is this conflict of interest? Most would say yes, unless of course you are Peter Robinson, in which case keeping it within the family raises no issues. I think it is in the public interest to let the people decide.

Gareth Robinson has been holding regular ‘lunch dates’ with one of the big players within Gaelectric, Patrick McClughan. Mr McClugan, a Protestant, is believed to be a millionaire and someone close to the Robinson wing of the DUP. He has himself claimed that the DUP have tried to recruit him into the party on a number of occasions. 

Mr McClugan has also met with Jonathon Bell and more worryingly, he has met with Gareth Robinson and DUP MEP Diane Dodds together. Is this appropriate? Is this a case of influence for sale? What did Gareth Robinson stand to benefit from these ‘lunch dates’? 

Patrick McClugan was happy to inform others of these meetings. This is an element of this story that for the time being I feel is not necessary or relevant, so we will say no more on that matter. 

Recent days have seen Peter Robinson take to national television to give an extremely uncomfortable interview. He did reveal that he now did not intend to sue, despite the venomous earlier threats of the DUP. He claims this is because I have no great financial wealth, but surely ‘vulgar talk’ of money is irrelevant? 

Surely the First Minister would want to clear his name and refute all allegations, not only via stage managed TV interviews, but by robustly challenging the allegations in court? It seems not. I can only speculate as to why but if you were asking me my opinion, it is clear- everything I have said is true, and he knows it is true. 

The NAMA story will continue to run with more revelations on the horizon. Peter Robinson hopes the NCA investigation will take the sting out of the story for the time being and many sources within the DUP are already predicting a stage managed exit by the First Minister before December. 

Peter Robinson claimed ‘they are using my son to get to me’. He seems to miss the historic irony in that statement. The ghost of the founding father of the DUP continues to haunt Peter Robinson, and the sword Robinson so ruthlessly wielded against the late Rev Ian Paisley is now being deployed against him. 

What one sows, so shall they reap. The Robinson leadership of the DUP, founded in the Protestant faith, would do well to remember that.

My ‘uncomfortable conversation’ with Father Magill at the foot of a loyalist bonfire 

I was recently delighted to welcome Father Martin Magill to Bangor. It was my first occasion meeting a Catholic priest and I found him to be genuine, warm and sincerely interested in my community and my vision of Loyalism. 
Father Magill came into the heart of a loyalist area, bedecked with Union flags, Ulster flags and flags commemorating the Ulster Volunteer Force of 1912. He drove past a memorial garden to fallen volunteers of the Ulster Volunteer Force, Red Hand Commando and Ulster Defence Association. I am sure Father Magill felt out of his comfort zone, he had nothing to gain from coming to this area to meet with me, but yet he expressed his desire to do so because he valued the benefit of human and indeed uncomfortable conversations. 

Father Magill came to engage with me in a human conversation because he feels that reconciliation can best be built by having genuine dialogue and seeking understanding by engaging with people on a human level. He sought no publicity from his visit and nor was there any alternative agenda or Trojan horses at play. His uncomfortable conversation with me was not for the optics or to promote or advance some political agenda- I had to ask the Fathers permission to even publicise the fact he had taken the time to visit. 

I showed Father Magill around one of the bonfires in the area, I explained the work that had been put in by young men from the area in fundraising and collecting for the bonfire and the children’s party that will take place on the 11th July. He was genuinely interested in how the bonfire was built and asked questions about the cultural significance; he was keen to ascertain whether we viewed the bonfire as a cultural celebration or commemoration. 

One of the local bonfire builders arrived at the site during Father Magill’s visit and spoke with the priest about his love for the bonfire and his culture and the bonfire builder also expressed his commitment and desire to ensure that bonfires remain traditional rather than becoming drink and drug rave parties, with a lot of funding from the local Council. I have long advocated bonfires remain traditional rather than becoming a dance or a rave disco, what has that good to do with Loyalism, Unionism or Protestantism?  

The bonfire we were standing at receives no council funding. All donations come from the bonfire builders or the local community themselves. The price of maintaining a traditional bonfire is forfeiting the £2,300 on offer to compromise the traditional nature of the bonfire in favour of a more ‘modern’ and ‘friendly’ bonfire or beacon. The resistance to this Trojan horse scam by the local council was unambiguous and it was unanimous from this bonfire. 

I explained the significance of the various flags that adorned every lamppost and expressed our feelings of pride in these flags, the cultural significance behind them but also how the flying of such flags acts as a defiant message from a community and a people who genuinely feel under siege. This is a genuine feeling that those sincerely seeking to build reconciliation must not ignore. 

Many people take to social media to trot out the clichés about reconciliation, none more so than Sinn Fein who stage manage ‘uncomfortable conversations’ so as to fit into their ‘reaching out’ narrative and pro-peace process agenda. The Sinn Fein project should be re-named ‘just a wee bit uncomfortable conversations.’
Others pontificate from an ivory tower about how loyalism is the dregs of society and is to blame for all Northern Irelands problems. These same people seek to put themselves on a pesdestal so as they will be recognised as on par with respected academics such as Peter Shirlow, Sophie Long, Dave Magee and Tony Novosel. The fact is they wouldn’t lace the shoelaces of any of the aforementioned academics. I have dealt with all of those I have mentioned, besides Tony Novosel, and never once have I detected sneering pontification or a looking down their nose attitude. 

Those respected academics play a positive role by asking difficult questions but doing so by engaging with communities, both loyalist and republican, in face to face genuine dialogue or as Father Magill would describe it, human conversations. 

That is the type of reconciliation or peace building that I feel I could be part of, not the political role play of Sinn Fein or the pontificating by those who believe that loyalism is a dirty word, used to describe an underclass of people responsible for holding society back. 

A lot of people, especially within the republican and nationalist community, can take a lesson from Father Magill. I am overtly hostile to the Catholic Church; I despise their doctrine and have previously described the Pope as the anti-Christ. I am also unashamedly anti-agreement and an outspoken opponent of mandatory coalition power sharing, yet I found myself having a very human and sincere conversation with a Catholic priest and coming away from that conversation feeling that if there were more within the broader Catholic, Nationalist and Republican community with the attitude and genuine sincerity of Father Magill, then perhaps better relationships could be fostered- even with those who are diametrically opposed. 

Sadly I suspect that Father Magill is in a minority, and within his own community I believe that he would be dwarfed by those who seek the destruction and eradication of all I hold dear, and many of those same people are using the honeyed words of peace and reconciliation in their attempts to do so. 
Uncomfortable conversations is when a Catholic priest comes into the middle of a loyalist estate and stands for over an hour on a pallet- at a bonfire- conversing with someone such as myself, who has been described as an ‘extremist’ and ‘Protestant fundamentalist’ and talking with bonfire builders, some of whom who have never met a Catholic never mind held a conversation with a priest. 

I am pretty sure Father Magill didn’t like or agree with much of what he saw or heard, but he sought to understand why we expressed ourselves in such a way.

 I doubt Father Magill will be heading back to North Belfast a loyalist convert, but at least I believe as a result of his desire to engage with those from another community, he will perhaps understand our culture a little bit better. I valued the couple of hours I spent in his company and it gave even me, the most zealous opponent of compromise or reconciliation, some food for thought.

The guns are still smoking as the Empire covers up- NAMA Update.

The past twenty four hours has finally seen the Robinson Empire begin to put in place their plans to cover up of one of the most shocking corruption scandals for quite some time within the United Kingdom.

It looks very like poor Ian Coulter who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and his partner in crime, pardon the pun, Frank Cushnahan, will be left to take the blame for the failed scheme that if successful, would have seen £7 million shared out between the conspirators, influencers and fixers! 
Gareth Robinson, who was first named on this blog on Monday evening, broke his silence on the NAMA investigation on Wednesday evening, forty eight hours after he had been first named. He denied his company had any link to the NAMA deal or the £7 million fixer’s fees. His comments are worth examining, because within them lurks the truth- hidden in plain sight. This is what he had to say in today’s Irish News;

“no representatives of Verbatim facilitated or were in any way involved in the sale of Nama assets to Cerebus. Neither the company nor anyone representing the company benefited from the Cerebus/Nama transaction nor did they ever expect to.” 

The above statement by Gareth Robinson is true- Verbatim or anyone representing them did not stand to benefit from the sale. At no point in the blog was it alleged verbatim were involved in this shady scheme- instead it was the sole director of the company, acting in a personal capacity, as a fixer- with the powerful tool of his father’s influence- that stood to benefit. 

Gareth Robinson undertook this ‘fixers’ role on the understanding that he would be funnelled, along with the First Minister, a portion of the £7 million that Ian Coulter diverted from Tughans into a personal off shore account. 

The portion of the £7 million, believed to have been in the region of £1.2 million, earmarked for the Robinsons, never reached its destination. Tughans discovered that Ian Coulter had diverted the money and it was subsequently reclaimed. So when Peter Robinson says “I never benefited from the NAMA sale”, technically he isn’t lying, the question is had Tughans not rumbled Ian Coulter, would the First Minister have then benefited- the answer is yes! 

The name of Sammy Wilson was also thrown into the mix today, it is claimed that Mr Wilson, and PIMCO- who had met with Peter Robinson- wanted a ‘closed sale’. The motive of Sammy Wilson is at this stage unclear and at this point in time there has been no definitive suggestion that he stood to benefit from any of the diverted funds, this is not of course to say that as the leaks continue to drip out that we couldn’t end up finding Sammy the streaker also stuck in the middle of this scandal. 

Then there was also the revelation of the ‘solo run’ letter from Peter Robinsons OFMDFM secretary to NAMA, acting without the authority of the Northern Ireland executive or the approval of his partners in Government, Sinn Fein. What was the purpose of this and who stood to benefit? This is one of the smoking guns. 

It has further been revealed, by political journalists this afternoon, that Peter Robinson and Nigel Dodds held a ‘private’ meeting with the Prime Minister, David Cameron today. This meeting was not publicised and it is believed that the meeting was not in Mr Robinson’s capacity as First Minister, due to the fact that his Government partners, had not been informed. 

DUP ‘Sources’ have begun briefing journalists that this hastily arranged meeting was about the Stormont House Agreement, as yet no ‘sources’ have been willing to go on record and therefore this leaves the clear perception that pro Robinson and Government ‘sources’ have begun to feed misinformation to their media contacts in an effort to dilute the true reason for today’s meeting between the two men who so ruthlessly kicked the late Ian Paisley out of his position within the DUP a number of years ago, and the British Prime Minister, who it is understood is keen to ensure the Robinson leadership remains intact for the benefit of the peace process. 

It is not unreasonable to harbour suspicions that Peter Robinson sought the assistance of the British Prime Minister to make this scandal, and those relentlessly continuing to expose it both in public and the background, disappear. 

There has been a growing revolt within the DUP over the past number of days, it was revealed on this blog last night that plans for a package to assist Gaelectric, a company also linked to Gareth Robinson, would have to be shelved by Jonathon Bell the DETI minister due to an open revolt amongst some DUP MLA’s who it was said would absent themselves from the meeting. Three out of the four DUP MLA’s sitting on the committee subsequently recorded their apologies at today’s 2pm DETI meeting. 

The energy plans were stalled- for the time being. Questions should be asked about Gareth Robinsons ‘lunch dates’ with Gaelectric representatives and the purpose for this. What was promised and what was given in return? 

I am led to believe that all the information I revealed on Monday night was also in the possession of Spotlight, but it is my understanding that some form of a legal injunction has been placed on BBC which prevented them broadcasting the name of Peter or Gareth Robinson. This injunction did not extend to any other media outlet. 

It is understood that UTV are reluctant to pursue the Robinsons due to the threat of legal action, and given the tight financial situation within UTV due to their UTV Ireland project draining their financial resources, they are not prepared to go out on a limb and name the First Minister or his son, Gareth. 

At 11:36pm on Monday night the DUP issued a blanket threat to all media outlets not to reference, refer to or even mention the existence of this blog. The blog has received over 36,000 views within the past 72 hours and has flooded the internet, yet the First Minister and most of the media have largely been reluctant to risk legal action by asking questions about the allegations raised within it. 

The smoking guns are still smoking and the DUP is leaking like a rusty pipe, as the hours go on more DUP members are briefing and counter briefing. Some DUP members loyal to Robinson have been deliberately sent out to feed misinformation in an attempt to flush out the flow of information. 

As the leaks continue to drip, the pipe comes closer to bursting- some would say the online dam has already burst. The media coverage and the street conversation about this scandal is at vastly different stages. 

The empire is not yet at the stage of trying to strike back, it is merely trying to hide in plain sight, muddy the waters and maintain a silence under an increasing siege. Peter Robinson was unable to even put his name to the DUP statement issued welcoming the investigation- instead it was attributed to a DUP ‘spokesman’. 

We are watching our very own version of the hit US series,House Of Cards, playing out in our little corner of the United Kingdom. It is remarkable to think that the FBI could potentially become involved and a former US Vice President is already tied to the scandal. 

The stakes are high and if anything can be said about Peter Robinson, it is that he is a Machiavellian survivor that has the unique capacity to weather even the wildest political storms, ruthlessly wreck revenge on those who tried to bring him down and eventually come back stronger. 

This time may just be different. The silence from the First Minister is startling and uncharacteristic, even in Peter Robinson’s darkest hours he came out swinging, this week he has lurked in his corner, posturing, clenching his fists and spitting fire- through third parties- at those he accuses of being involved in this “witch hunt” by an “unholy alliance between internal DUP members trying to bring down the leadership and those trying to wreck the peace process.” 

It is beyond doubt that Peter Robinson will have drawn the danger of this alliance to the Prime Minister, undoubtedly seeking to use it as leverage to try and buy the support of the Prime Minister, if not in the cover up, then in the revenge mission dressed up as an essential clearing of the decks to “protect the peace process.”

Internal DUP revolt over £30m DETI financial assistance package linked to Jonathon Bell & Gareth ‘the fixer’ Robinson

Following on from the drip feed of startling revelations about the Robinson dynasty’s involvement in a shady £7.5 million deal involving NAMA, it can now be revealed that Gareth Robinson is also working on behalf of an unnamed wind energy company, who are set to receive a staggering £30 million assistance package, which Peter Robinson’s close DUP ally Jonathan Bell will attempt to bring before the DETI committee tomorrow morning, in the face of a revolt amongst his own party members. 

Two companies are set to receive financial assistance packages and this is to be brought before the DETI committee tomorrow morning. One company is Bombardier, who are set to receive just under £3 million, it is understood that this package would assist in protecting jobs and benefit the Northern Ireland economy, but tagged onto this positive proposal is a shady deal that has previously been rejected by DUP members. 

A second company, USA firm Gaelectric, which Gareth ‘the fixer’ Robinson is linked to, is in line for a £30 million assistance package windfall and Jonathon Bell is trying to force this package through the DETI committee- despite the opposition of fellow DUP MLA’s who claim this package will damage other companies by driving the price of electricity up and as a result be to the detriment of the tax payer. 

A highly placed DUP source in the Antrim area has claimed that Peter Robinson has demanded that the £30 million package is voted for by all party members and has threatened that the whip will be placed on all DUP members, ordering them to attend. 

It has been claimed that a revolt is underway within the ranks of the DUP and the highly placed sourced has said that it is possible some DUP members will refuse to vote for Jonathon Bells assistance package, which they feel is yet another shady deal whereby the Robinson dynasty has used their power to benefit companies linked to members of their own family. 

DUP sources have further claimed that Jonathon Bell, and by extension Peter Robinson, is coming under increasing pressure internally to withdraw the proposal from tomorrow’s meeting, given the internal DUP revolt against it. 

It has also been claimed that Gareth Robinson regularly offers his assistance to companies and groups, to use his influence to assist them in gaining grants and funding, on the understanding that he receives his ‘fixers’ fee. 

Following the NAMA revelations there has been a growing revolt amongst the grassroots DUP members who are thought to be actively planning a coup against Robinson and his allies. DUP members have told me that they would make it known that they would find it reprehensible if Peter Robinson was to use party funds, in trying to pursue an injunction against me for publishing what they say is “the shocking truth of the corruption at the heart of the current DUP leadership”. 

Threats of legal action against me, and any newspapers that even made reference to the existence of my blog, have not materialised.  

The Irish News today reported that over 1,000 people had actively shared the blog and it had been viewed by well in excess of 20,000 people. The DUP have threatened legal action against anyone who even mentions its existence, it seems however that following the bursting of the dam online on Monday night, local media are now moving ever closer to confirming the allegations made within my blog as being factual and true. 

All eyes will be on DETI tomorrow morning and the £30 million assistance package for Gaelectric, that Jonathon Bell is trying to rail road through the committee on behalf of his boss, Peter Robinson. It is understood that, once again, Gareth Robinson is set to benefit from this deal due to his links to the company involved. 

Could this be the dying embers of the Robinson leadership of the DUP? What is beyond doubt is that the vultures are circling and all those who have been wronged by the Robinson dynasty and those linked to them, which sensationally seems to involve persons up to the level of former US Vice presidents, are just waiting their moment to kick Peter Robinson out of his plush office in Stormont, ironically in the same fashion as Robinson himself mercilessly ended the reign of the founding father of the DUP, the late Rev Ian Paisley. 

The only difference being that Paisley left with his reputation intact as a result of a bloodless coup, it appears that this time the knives are out for Peter Robinson and one things for sure, those lining up against him have plenty of ammunition.

NAMA scandal update- Cocaine habits, empty legal threats & the silence of the ‘powerful people’!

 On Monday evening I published a truthful account of events surrounding the NAMA scandal and revealed the name of the DUP politician, our First Minister Peter Robinson, who was set to benefit from a slice, approximately £1.2m of the £7m that was diverted by Ian Coulter into an off shore account. 

The blog also recounted events at the Carl Frampton fight when Gareth Robinson, under the influence of cocaine, arrived at the fight and began abusing a number of people who were guests of Tughans solicitors. Gareth Robinson later had to apologise to a number of these guests for his behaviour. 

I fully stand over my claims that Gareth Robinson is a habitual user of cocaine- I challenge him to give a sworn affidavit stating that he has never engaged in the use of cocaine.  

The DUP issued a threat to the media just before mid-night on Monday claiming impending legal action first thing on Tuesday morning against my blog and that anyone who “repeats,refers, retweets or links to the contents will be joined in the action.”

Over 22,000 people have engaged with the blog- as far as I am aware, as of yet, the DUP have yet to issue legal proceedings against any of the 22,000 people. 

Rumours abounded in Belfast High Court that emergency injunction proceedings were set to be issued against me yesterday, this never materialised. 

Ask yourself why? If this is all such a big lie that I have concocted- then why have the DUP not refuted the claims within it or indeed had the courage to follow up their empty threats of legal action? 

Does anyone ever remember the DUP so silent? I was informed yesterday that even those on the Robinson side of the party are exasperated with his shady property deals and scandal after scandal. 

All Mr Robinson has said in recent days is that he did not get any of the £7m- of course he didn’t- because their scheme was uncovered and the £7m was recouped by Tughans and Ian Coulter ‘resigned’,his wife, Vicky Dummigan, also left the company a short time before under unknown circumstances. 

The question among the DUP ranks is ‘who is leaking’ to me. The very fact that question would enter their head gives validity to the assertion that it is all true and rather than refute the claims- they are more interested in the source of the truth! 

The door has now been kicked clean open, many sections of the media are in possession of the same information- if not more- than I have published. It is time they stood up to the threats of the ‘powerful people’ in the Robinson dynasty. 

The DUP are the same people who are fond of labelling others criminals and thugs- there is no behaviour so thuggish as the senior government partner, of the joint administration, issuing blanket threats to the entire population, not to mention the ‘we are powerful people’ threats directed towards me via third parties. 

There is nothing so criminal as bargaining with the assets of the people, selling them short and all to make money for your own personal ’empire’. 

If you were a single mother who had stole a pair of school shoes for your child because you couldn’t afford them , you would be brought before the court and quite possibly end up jailed. If you corrupt the very heart of Government with scandals such as having your grubby hands destined for a £7m off shore account- you get to run the country and issue blanket threats that makes it look as if the DUP want to turn N.Ireland into a satellite state of North Korea.