Gareth Robinson & the wind energy lunch dates with Patrick McClugan- #DETI

This evening more details about the proposed wind energy package that is to be brought before the DETI committee at the insistence of DETI Minister, Jonathon Bell. 
It was revealed on Wednesday night that an internal revolt within the DUP was leading to a number of party members putting it up to the Robinson leadership by expressing their open opposition to Jonathon’s Bells wind energy proposals. 

On Thursday these rumblings within DETI further grew when three out of four DUP MLA’s, on the DETI committee, recorded their apologies. Further to this, on Thursday night Paul Frew, put out an extremely critical tweet of the wind energy project. 

Gareth Robinson has been heavily involved in ‘lobbying’ on behalf of Gaelectric. Is this conflict of interest? Most would say yes, unless of course you are Peter Robinson, in which case keeping it within the family raises no issues. I think it is in the public interest to let the people decide.

Gareth Robinson has been holding regular ‘lunch dates’ with one of the big players within Gaelectric, Patrick McClughan. Mr McClugan, a Protestant, is believed to be a millionaire and someone close to the Robinson wing of the DUP. He has himself claimed that the DUP have tried to recruit him into the party on a number of occasions. 

Mr McClugan has also met with Jonathon Bell and more worryingly, he has met with Gareth Robinson and DUP MEP Diane Dodds together. Is this appropriate? Is this a case of influence for sale? What did Gareth Robinson stand to benefit from these ‘lunch dates’? 

Patrick McClugan was happy to inform others of these meetings. This is an element of this story that for the time being I feel is not necessary or relevant, so we will say no more on that matter. 

Recent days have seen Peter Robinson take to national television to give an extremely uncomfortable interview. He did reveal that he now did not intend to sue, despite the venomous earlier threats of the DUP. He claims this is because I have no great financial wealth, but surely ‘vulgar talk’ of money is irrelevant? 

Surely the First Minister would want to clear his name and refute all allegations, not only via stage managed TV interviews, but by robustly challenging the allegations in court? It seems not. I can only speculate as to why but if you were asking me my opinion, it is clear- everything I have said is true, and he knows it is true. 

The NAMA story will continue to run with more revelations on the horizon. Peter Robinson hopes the NCA investigation will take the sting out of the story for the time being and many sources within the DUP are already predicting a stage managed exit by the First Minister before December. 

Peter Robinson claimed ‘they are using my son to get to me’. He seems to miss the historic irony in that statement. The ghost of the founding father of the DUP continues to haunt Peter Robinson, and the sword Robinson so ruthlessly wielded against the late Rev Ian Paisley is now being deployed against him. 

What one sows, so shall they reap. The Robinson leadership of the DUP, founded in the Protestant faith, would do well to remember that.


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