#NAMA- Who is Dan Quayle & why is CIA backed hedge fund Cerberus investing in Northern Ireland? 

Cerebus is a US based hedge fund with strong links to the federal Government and which is backed by the CIA. It is used by the CIA to invest across the world and subsequently to use their financial resources to implement US foreign policy. The hedge fund is deeply invested in the production and supply of arms and a number of companies linked to Cerberus are major players in the military and security forces contracting world. 

   Cerberus has been investigated before in relation to CIA contracting scandals and companies under investigation had close ties to former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Vice President Dan Quayle and Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfield. 

Cerberus now owns Dyncorp, one of the worlds largest data collection agencies. Dyncorp snoop on citizens behalf of the CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies. Dyncorp has been at the centre of allegations of running sex slave rings in countries such as Bosnia. 

  The Chairman of Cerberus is Dan Quayle, the former Vice President in the George Bush administration. In 1987 during a US customs seizure of a plane belonging to a major drugs smuggler linked to the CIA- backed Contras, an address book belonging to Robert Owens, a one-time aide of Dan Quayle, was found. Owens began working for Quayle in 1980 and left in November 1983 to work on ‘project Democracy’, which oversaw US Arm shipments to the Contras. The CIA used the profits from cocaine smuggling to fund this enterprise. 

Meetings between Robert Owens and link men to the Contras and cocaine smuggling were held in Dan Quayle’s office. 

   It has been claimed in books, that George Bush used the CIA to bring down Jimmy Carter and it was during this period that it is alleged those loyal to Bush and the CIA began infiltrating law firms, senate houses, PR and lobbying firms. One of those persons was Dan Quayle. His work for George Bush earned him the vice Presidency in 1988. 

   A major source of Quayles political power in Indianna is a man who moved within the highest echelons of the CIA, Beurt SerVass. SeRvass was a close associate of former CIA Director William Casey. SerVass was a member of the Executive board of the Veterans of the O.S.S which it has been claimed, runs the CIA from behind the scenes. 

  In the early 1980’s SerVass used family connections to set up a channel between the CIA and French DIA officials who then went on to play an important role in arms shipments to Iran during the Reagan- Bush administration. The link between French intelligence and the CIA is important as it was this channel that was used to snare three members of Ulster Resistance in Paris in 1989, as they were about to hand over missile components to Armscor officials as part of a deal in exchange for weapons. 

   One of those arrested was Noel Little, the father of one of Peter Robinson’s closest aides, Emma Little (married name Pengally). Rumours have persisted that members of Ulster Resistance were set up and betrayed by those who had encouraged and supported them in the background. There has also been sensational, although unsubstantiated, claims that the Ulster Resistance loyalists were set up by a particular individual within the highest echeloens of political Unionism, who had ‘links’ to America. 

The CIA certainly had an interest in making sure the Missile technology did not reach South Africa. Dan Quayle wrote in the Washington Post on 14th July 1989 and spoke of the dangers to American interests if foreign nations were allowed to procure and build their own missile systems. He made specific reference to Armscor, the South Africa state arms manufacturing company. 

Questions must be asked around what interest Cerberus really has in Northern Ireland? Why is this CIA hedge fund investing in Northern Ireland and why did Peter Robinson, and those around him in the DUP, go to such remarkable lengths to assistCerberus  with their late bid? 

Was it all for a ‘fixers’ pay off or is there much deeper and darker reasons?

I have been given a dark explanation as to the reason why but I think at this stage it is best to allow those with industrious minds to connect the dots themselves. 

Cerberus and Dan Quayle’s road to the NAMA deal started way back in the 1980’s, when Quayle was part of a ‘secret group’ running covert operations on behalf of the CIA and George Bush. That is when they found their man in Northern Ireland. 

The CIA had a strategic interest in Northern Ireland because they feared that the Republic could go communist, so it suited for the conflict to rumble on in Northern Ireland. 

This will all be dismissed by some as conspiracy theories, but I ask people to simply go away and do the research yourselves. Connect the dots and follow the smoking guns and eventually you will come to a very dark and murky doorway, a doorway that opens up questions not just about a couple of Million pay off for a few political ‘fixers’- but about the role of some in the entire conflict. 

Tomorrow: #NAMA, what do we know and who are the players behind the scenes? 


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