Review of 2014

The past year has once again been a torrid one for the Protestants of Northern Ireland. Our community has been consistently denied the right to our basic civil and religious liberties by a fascist, oppressive and utterly disgraceful parades commission, we have seen peaceful Ulster Protestants criminalised under the jackboot of the PSNI and Public Prosecution Service- which is headed up by the IRA’s former Solictor- as well as a continual political process of appeasement.

The so called big house Unionist representatives utterly betrayed the PUL community and exposed themselves like never before with their sham ‘graduated response’. Seldom throughout Ulsters history has anyone betrayed their own people like the DUP & UUP did with what became little more than a ‘graduated surrender’.
I predicted this and warned that it would happen from the moment it was muted. It is disappointing that some chose to ignore those warnings and instead put their faith in those who have for quite some time now been traitors to the cause they once claimed to hold dear.

The IRA OTR scheme has had a little more light shone upon it- much of this was down to the courage of Kate Hoey MP in pursuing documents she was given which highlighted the true nature of this despicable ‘scheme’ which granted an amnesty not only to IRA terrorists but in some cases covered the backs of the MI5/MI6 officers who handled senior members of the IRA and who approved of IRA operations that caused the loss of life of British citizens. This has yet to be fully exposed but I trust in 2015 it will be.

The mask slipped for Sinn Fein in 2014 as Gerry Adams said what I and others have been saying for a long time- equality is nothing more than a Trojan horse for the IRA to break Unionist ‘bastards’ (the words of Gerry Adams who covered up sexual abuse and ordered the murder & maiming of thousands of innocent people).

The Ashers bakery case exposed the aggressive gay agenda which has sadly been supported by the equality commission. As a Protestant it is vital that traditional Protestant biblical values are upheld and support for gay marriage is something that goes against biblical principles. We must ensure loyalty to both God and to Ulster and therefore this means upholding Gods word.
In this regard the DUP’s conscience cause proposal is a must and I commend this action.

On a personal note the laughable and ludicrous charges against me have trundled on thus setting the record for the longest and most expensive ever Magistrates case in Northern Ireland.
The PPS have amazed those in legal circles by continuing with their farce of a case and have went to extreme lengths to try and change the interpretation of legislation simply to give them some kind of better chance at convicting me.
It is important to note this is the first time they have EVER done this with this particular legislation. It is a clear and blatant witch hunt against me.
I hope the charges proceed to the courtroom and it is my intention to ensure that for the first time a ACC will be called to give evidence in a Magistrates trial. I intend to open a serious can of worms for the PSNI causing them maximum humiliation and exposing many of the aspects of their conduct that they would rather was hidden from public view. They know, I know and everyone knows that they messed up and handled the flag protests badly. I intend to shine a light on this like never before. It is no more than they so richly deserve.

I also look forward to continuing the battle against George Galloway and his top legal team. Many people laughed and mocked William Frazer and me for taking on this legal fight ourselves. We have silenced the critics and won some memorable victories against all the odds. We hope for more of the same in 2015.

The year ended with an agreement that takes its place beside the Belfast, St Andrews & Hillsborough agreements as one of the saddest political days that the province has ever known. History will not judge the implementers, conspirators or supporters of the Stormont House Agreement kindly.

I hope that in 2015 the political fight against the undemocratic and IRA appeasing system of Government will continue and that we will make yet more headway.
The truth is the truth even if you are in a minority of one. Light will always outshine darkness and it is only a matter of time before this Stormont Assembly and those who sustain it fall- treason and treachery together.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Long live loyal Ulster!


The flaws of the Stormont House Agreement

“The Stormont House Agreement”

The Stormont House agreement was reached on 23rd December 2014.
The DUP and UUP had made a number of hard line statements and ‘stands’ prior to the agreement being reached- all of which proved to be little more than playing to the gallery.
In July 2014 the DUP and UUP were part of what was named the ‘graduated response’. This coalition promised much, it was in effect little more than a DUP bargaining tool to try and gain some leverage with welfare reform and corporation tax. The graduated response never materialised, not one bit of it. The DUP when pressed on the matter said they were waiting on the Secretary of State to appoint a panel to look into the issue. As a side note of today’s agreement we find out- from Martin McGuinness no less- that there will not be any panel looking at North Belfast. What is very clear is that the DUP, and UUP hanging on their coattails, have sold out the PUL community in North Belfast in return for Sinn Fein’s acceptance of welfare reform and an increased financial package from the British Government. This comes as no shock to me as I publically spoke out against the ‘graduated response’ from the moment it was muted. It was only ever going to be a means to an end for the DUP. No one should be shocked that the DUP have traded their own people for power and money.

The DUP also made very clear, in the form of a statement by North Down MLA Peter Weir (who of course left the UUP in opposition to the Belfast Agreement, of which the DUP are now the chief implementers) said that “no self respecting Unionist would discuss the internal affairs of Northern Ireland with the Irish Government.” This is strange because the Stormont House Agreement is a paper from both Governments, most of which deals with internal N.Ireland issues.
Of course Charlie Flanagan (Irish Gov) himself recently waxed lyrical about how he had been involved in some ninety meetings with the DUP and UUP.
To crystallise the issue, the DUP have accepted a paper from BOTH Governments. This is the same DUP that said “no self respecting Unionist” would engage with the Irish Government on internal N.Ireland issues.

The DUP and UUP also said there would be no discussion on parading. Then the DUP said there was discussion but not negotiation but yet unsurprisingly within the Stormont House Agreement we find that parading is included, albeit the British and Irish Governments have conveniently tried to provide the DUP some cover on that one by saying that the proposals stem from earlier talks. Even if this were the case (which it isn’t) it is still an undisputable fact that the DUP and UUP have entered into an agreement which includes proposals for parading. It is yet another epic U turn, but one that will have dire consequences for those within N.Ireland who still care about our culture and heritage.
Flags, Identity, Culture and Tradition commission

This body proposes to look at the issues of flags, identity, culture and tradition. The agreement says the following;

“In its work it will be guided by the principles of the existing agreements including parity of esteem.”

What this really means is that the commission will continue with the perverse notion of parity between Britishness and Irishness. This iniquitous notion was first contrived as part of the Belfast Agreement. It is fundamentally wrong and effectively grants those who identify themselves with a foreign country to receive cultural parity with those who declare loyalty to the legal constitutional position of Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom. It is a gross dilution of our British identity. The National flags and emblems of Northern Ireland express the legal status and sovereignty of Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom. There can be no other national flag or emblem than can be viewed in parity with the Union flag.

Despite repeated assurances that there would be no movement on parading, there is a section of the agreement devoted to parading.
The proposal is for parading to be devolved to the NI Assembly and for parading codes of conduct etc to be reviewed by OFMDFM. Given that OFMDFM is a shared office between the DUP, who have shown themselves to be completely incompetent and untrustworthy when it comes to representing the parading tradition in Northern Ireland and Sinn Fein/IRA who have spent a number of years contriving opposition to parades and setting up resident group fronts to agitate against loyal order and band parades, who in their right mind would grant Republicans any kind of veto over parading? Yet this is what the Stormont House Agreement proposes!

The parading proposal does not seek to give any prominence to the recognised and enshrined Human Rights of those parading but instead seeks to create a regulatory system where ‘respect’ will be the main consideration. This will effectively allow anyone who feels offended to have their view based on a level with the internationally recognised Human Rights of those parading. There is no human right not to be offended yet this parading proposal will enshrine an effective ‘right not to be offended’ via the backdoor. This will allow for- and give credence to- yet more contrived residents groups, who will be encouraged to spring up to be offended as part of Sinn Feins trojan horse cultural war strategy!

There is once again relevance put on local dialogue. This dialogue has been abused by Republicans and places bandsmen and loyal orders in a position of having to pander to every offended republican or nationalist. It is wholly unworkable. The European Convention of Human Rights articles should trump the manufactured and contrived right not to be offended, which has no lawful, judicial or internationally recognised precedent.

The Past

Nowhere in the section devoted to the past is there any clear or agreed definition of a victim. This means that the Shankill Bomber Thomas Begely will be  equated with the victims he created. This is just one example whereby the victim maker will be equated with their victim. This is wholly absurd and goes against the very principles of natural justice.
It will allow the IRA to present themselves as victims of circumstances rather than the cold blooded terrorists that they really are.

In section 28 of the document there is a commitment to further bring forward a proposal to provide a pension scheme to those victims physically injured in the troubles. Indeed innocent victims should be able to avail of this, however nowhere does the agreement make a distinction between innocent victims and the republican victim makers.

As with existing criminal cases the decision on whether to prosecute anyone charged by the newly proposed HIU (Historical Investigations Unit) will be made by the DPP for Northern Ireland. Given the fact that a huge amount of IRA terrorists were previous clients of the DPP and also given the fact that the current DPP previously corporately represented, at the request of Sinn Fein, the IRA On The Runs, how could the Unionist community have any confidence in the impartiality of decision making on historical cases brought to the PPS?

There is no reference as to how this new HIU unit will deal with the extremely live issue of the IRA On The Runs. The DUP claimed they would collapse the institutions if the letters were not rescinded, this has not happened and once again it seems that the DUP and UUP have been more than happy to sweep this issue under the carpet.

There is agreement on a new body titled the ICIR (Independent Commission on Information Retrieval).
This commission will collect information however this information will not be disclosed to the judiciary or law enforcement. It provides an effective amnesty for republican terrorists to tell their own self serving version of the truth. The IRA was granted similar immunity for the Smithwick tribunal and the sitting judge found that their ‘evidence’ was littered with self serving lies! Placing any trust in the IRA to tell the truth is nothing but sheer folly!

Institutional reform

The agreement proposes to cut the number of MLA’s- but not until 2021.

In part 59 of the agreement there is the pretence that an opposition will be created. This is cloaked within the continuing system of mandatory coalition and will do nothing to remove Sinn Fein’s mandatory veto. The only time a normal system of Government will be allowed is if Sinn Fein decided to voluntarily surrender their mandatory veto and move into opposition. This is never likely to happen therefore the notion of an opposition is little more than a window dressing that has no real value. The un-democratic system of Government will remain, with the option of going into opposition for those who chose to do so. It will be opposition in name only as the undemocratic system of mandatory coalition will continue to guarantee Republicans a place in the heart of Government as of right!

Section 70 of the agreement creates provision for yet more North/South bodies. The DUP, who campaigned so strongly against the Belfast Agreement, now operate more North/South bodies than there ever was under the UUP and David Trimble.

The parties have also agreed to implement the ‘Together Building a United community strategy’ which has received little or no community support and within this strategy there provides yet more avenues for Sinn Fein to deploy their Trojan horses!


What is abundantly clear is that this document does nothing for Unionism and does nothing to protect the constitutional position of Northern Ireland. The agreement provides more avenues for Sinn Fein to exploit, gives them access to yet more staging posts and the logical trajectory of this agreement is for a renewed Trojan horse approach of Sinn Fein’s cultural war on the PUL community.
It is clear that the DUP have used the issue of North Belfast and the threat of a graduated response as leverage with the British Governement and Sinn Fein. This leverage has forced Sinn Fein into an epic climbdown in terms of implementing welfare reform (they will do anything to keep the ‘process’, which is kept alive by concessions to republicans, running) and has also ensured the devolution of corporation tax, all this however is at the expense of the cultural rights of the PUL community.
This agreement does nothing but strengthen the grip of the DUP and SF and furthermore it proposes to give Sinn Fein, and by extension the IRA, the keys to yet more levers of justice powers with the HIU, and ICIR and indeed proposes to grant them a veto over parading.
None of this is good news for the PUL community and once again the DUP have sold out on the grassroots Unionist community to ensure that the gravy train keeps flowing.

I surmise that future generations will look back on this agreement and view it alongside the Belfast, St Andrews and Hillsborough agreements as the saddest days Northern Ireland has ever known and indeed view it as a great betrayal of the Unionist people. History will not judge the implementers of this agreement kindly.

Anti Agreement Unionism could yet torpedo DUP ‘deal’

Tomorrow will quite possibly see the finalising of the deal that Peter Robinson already made with the Secretary of State following the collapse of Haass. He agreed to Irish Government involvement in a new talks process and also that flags, the past and parading would be put back on the agenda.
Robinson told the SOS that something was needed to ‘appease’ the North Belfast Orangemen. It was agreed that a panel would be set up to look at the issue.
The whole graduated response farce was simply Peter Robinson pulling the rest of Unionism, or those gullible enough, into his web and wider game plan.

Robinson was challenged during a DUP executive meeting a number of months ago,as I exposed following a briefing from one of those at that table. The challenge was led by Paul Givan, Paul Frew, Paisley Jnr and Edwin Poots who were angry at the secret deal that had been contrived between Robinson and the SOS. They also opposed a new round of talks. They felt that Robinson was mis-leading and betraying grassroots Unionism.
Robinson moved quickly to quell this rebellion and sacked three of the four dissenting voices.

The only game being played now is whether those DUP dissenters, who seem to have some self dignity and decency left, are strong enough to torpedo the impending feeding of the IRA concession meter.
The main negotiation is not going on in plenary sessions, it is going on within the DUP.
Robinson is poised and ready to betray the loyalist community once again, although a small but powerful group within the DUP are doing all they can to put a stop to this latest DUP sell out.

The next 24 hours will either signal the beginning of the end for Peter Robinson as leader of the DUP or it will strengthen his position. He will be forced to either yield to anti Agreement Unionism, which is growing rapidly, and pull down the institutions or he will cement himself as leader of the DUP and make a deal that will further strengthen the architecture of the peace process.

As an unashamed anti agreement unionist the next 24 hours offers high stakes for those of us who have worked very hard to oppose and resist the political ‘process’. Chipping away at the ‘process’ has brought us much success, including forcing the DUP and UUP to abandon Haass, but all of that progress will be undone if a deal is sealed tomorrow.

It is inevitable that the institutions will eventually collapse. It is not a matter of if but when.
It is no secret that I would wish for nothing more than them to come crashing down now and for Westminster to restore direct rule until such times as a fair and equitable agreement would allow the Assembly to function again. That would mean undoing much of the Belfast, St Andrews & Hillsborough Agreements.

If a deal is done tomorrow the harsh reality that I, and all of anti agreement Unionism, will have to accept is that pro agreement Unionism is likely to stumble on for a few election cycles yet. The danger of that is that the IRA concession meter is fed so much over those dark years that there is no way back for Unionism.

If the talks collapse this time around then the anti agreement Unionism know that we are within touching distance of achieving our goal.

Talks farce exposes the DUP & those riding their coattails!

This most recent talks process has shown the DUP up for the duplicitous, deceitful, lying and treacherous sell outs that they are.
The DUP of course are backed up by some so called ‘loyalists’ (I would say they are only loyal to their bank account) who benefit from the access to the funding purse strings that acting as puppets for the DUP provides- thank God that not everyone is motivated by money.

Of course the DUP started off with their big stand on parading & saying that the Irish Government would not be involved in talks. They have rolled over on both these issues.
Then we have the debacle of the graduated response. I am quite pleased that my initial assessment, (which I voiced prior to the 12th July) on the farce that was more akin to a graduated surrender, has been vindicated. It seems that those who have now withdraw from the so called ‘coalition’ have now come to agree with the viewpoint that I, and a small number others, expressed from the outset! It appears to be the Unionist Forum all over again!

Peter Weir had publicly said the DUP would not be engaging with the Irish Government. He said that “no self respecting Unionist would discuss the internal issues of NI with the Irish Government”. Some may have been fooled by this hard talk- I certainly wasn’t. Here is the words of the Irish Governments Charlie Flanaghan, quoted from today’s Irish times:

““When the talks began neither the DUP or the UUP would enter the room with me. We have come a long way since then with about 90 meetings in various forms in the process being chaired by myself and Theresa Villiers.”

It is clear that the DUP have rolled over to the point that not only were the Irish Government involved- but they were chairing elements of the talks.

Of course they also spoke about parading. And then when they were challenged on this duplicitous approach they laughably said they weren’t negotiating about parading- just talking about parading.

They have no shame. Even worse are those who continue to hang on the coattails of the DUP. History will judge none of you kindly.

God speed the day when the shameful and treacherous Stormont institutions- propped up by the iniquitous Belfast Agreement and the St Andrews & Hillsborough betrayals- comes crashing down.
It is not peace- it is peace at any price and I for one have no intention of playing along with the sham.

All I want for Christmas is the falling of the institutions!
I would not however be surprised if the DUP once again put their Santa hat on and throw all sorts of gifts out to the IRA!

Graduated response exposed for the sham it is and always was!

Finally today the TUV, UKIP and later the PUP publicly withdrew from the ‘graduated response (surrender)’.
This ‘response’ all sounded well and good in principle but I, and others, warned in July that this was nothing more than the DUP & UUP trying to ensure a peaceful marching season, regardless of whether that meant a total capitulation and weak willed roll over to the fascist decisions by the Parades Commission.

We heard all sorts of promises of hardline ‘responses’ and I am glad to say that none of them ever fooled me. I knew all long that this ‘response’ would never materialise.
I am glad the TUV, PUP & UKIP have publicly ended their participation in perhaps one of the most humiliating charades that Unionists have ever been forced to endure.

The strategy behind this graduated response sham fight was exactly the same as when the DUP & UUP tried to take control of the flag protests by setting up a Unionist Forum.
I opposed that because I could see right through what they were trying to do. The Ulster Peoples Forum never put our name to that particular charade that attempted to suppress any dissent within Unionism.
The Unionist Forum eventually fell apart as well.

Roll over Unionism now sit in a talks process, cooking up deals with those who bombed and butchered the people of Ulster. I remind the DUP & UUP that over one hundred thousand Unionists are represented by those such as UKIP, the TUV & PUP- none of whom are involved in these shameful talks.
If you think for one minute you will force another betrayal onto the people of Ulster then you are sadly mistaken.

Comments on Queens Flag Protest study


Comments on QUB flag protest report

Two years ago today (3rd December) the Union flag was torn from our prime civic building in the capital city. This dreadful attack on our sovereignty was orchestrated by Sinn Fein/IRA, the SDLP and the Alliance party.

The response was a release of anger from within the Unionist community, an anger that had been building for many years over how the Belfast Agreement, that gross betrayal of Ulster Protestants, was affecting our lives on a daily basis.

The PSNI response to the protests was barbaric, politically motivated and without regard for the basic principles of law and justice.
A Queens University report launched today spoke to the senior officer in the DULCET team- Sean Wright. Mr Wright clearly states that the DULCET team went after those who they thought had an ‘inflammatory’ impact on the protests.
They had no concern for whether a crime had actually been committed, they simply wanted to break the protests at all costs and it was left to Sean Wright- and those like him- to decide what was ‘inflammatory’ and haul those people off the streets at all costs. The fact that on many occasions they had to concoct and contrive charges using dubious legislation mattered not!

It is important to note that the PSNI have never felt that any speech or comment made by Sinn Fein was inflammatory.
This perhaps can be explained as the ACC Will Kerr speaks in the report about how the PSNI were cosying up to Sinn Fein/IRA. He merely confirms what many of us have known for so long.

Two years on the Queens University report makes an important point. The flag protest didn’t in itself make any political gains, rather it forced the mainstream Unionist parties to take a harder line and abandon any notion of further compromise.
It halted the peace process that was rapidly becoming a ‘piece by peace’ process. That was the success of the flag protest- it forced a stop to the endless compromising and pandering to Sinn Fein/IRA.
It hardened the attitude of the Unionist community.

The Queens report also makes clear that certain elements of the loyalist community “set their face against” the flag protest. That was regrettable and in my personal view somewhat shameful. I can only surmise that the lure of money impacted their decision to oppose their own people and support the continued failing implementation of the Belfast Agreement at all costs.

The influence brought to bear by the flag protests was not exerted via electoral success rather it created a ‘ghost’ that stalks mainstream Unionism, a constant reminder that enough is enough. That ‘ghost’ will be what eventually brings down the Assembly. That is the legacy of the flag protest, and I for one think that is something extremely positive.

Two years on it is worth remembering that the tinder box that allowed that explosion of Unionist anger still exists. Pandora’s box has been opened and therefore the potential for a rallying return to the sort of widespread flag protests that brought the Country to a standstill always lurks beneath the surface.
It is a submarine that for the foreseeable future will have a considerable ability to torpedo any further compromise!

Jamie Bryson