Internal DUP revolt over £30m DETI financial assistance package linked to Jonathon Bell & Gareth ‘the fixer’ Robinson

Following on from the drip feed of startling revelations about the Robinson dynasty’s involvement in a shady £7.5 million deal involving NAMA, it can now be revealed that Gareth Robinson is also working on behalf of an unnamed wind energy company, who are set to receive a staggering £30 million assistance package, which Peter Robinson’s close DUP ally Jonathan Bell will attempt to bring before the DETI committee tomorrow morning, in the face of a revolt amongst his own party members. 

Two companies are set to receive financial assistance packages and this is to be brought before the DETI committee tomorrow morning. One company is Bombardier, who are set to receive just under £3 million, it is understood that this package would assist in protecting jobs and benefit the Northern Ireland economy, but tagged onto this positive proposal is a shady deal that has previously been rejected by DUP members. 

A second company, USA firm Gaelectric, which Gareth ‘the fixer’ Robinson is linked to, is in line for a £30 million assistance package windfall and Jonathon Bell is trying to force this package through the DETI committee- despite the opposition of fellow DUP MLA’s who claim this package will damage other companies by driving the price of electricity up and as a result be to the detriment of the tax payer. 

A highly placed DUP source in the Antrim area has claimed that Peter Robinson has demanded that the £30 million package is voted for by all party members and has threatened that the whip will be placed on all DUP members, ordering them to attend. 

It has been claimed that a revolt is underway within the ranks of the DUP and the highly placed sourced has said that it is possible some DUP members will refuse to vote for Jonathon Bells assistance package, which they feel is yet another shady deal whereby the Robinson dynasty has used their power to benefit companies linked to members of their own family. 

DUP sources have further claimed that Jonathon Bell, and by extension Peter Robinson, is coming under increasing pressure internally to withdraw the proposal from tomorrow’s meeting, given the internal DUP revolt against it. 

It has also been claimed that Gareth Robinson regularly offers his assistance to companies and groups, to use his influence to assist them in gaining grants and funding, on the understanding that he receives his ‘fixers’ fee. 

Following the NAMA revelations there has been a growing revolt amongst the grassroots DUP members who are thought to be actively planning a coup against Robinson and his allies. DUP members have told me that they would make it known that they would find it reprehensible if Peter Robinson was to use party funds, in trying to pursue an injunction against me for publishing what they say is “the shocking truth of the corruption at the heart of the current DUP leadership”. 

Threats of legal action against me, and any newspapers that even made reference to the existence of my blog, have not materialised.  

The Irish News today reported that over 1,000 people had actively shared the blog and it had been viewed by well in excess of 20,000 people. The DUP have threatened legal action against anyone who even mentions its existence, it seems however that following the bursting of the dam online on Monday night, local media are now moving ever closer to confirming the allegations made within my blog as being factual and true. 

All eyes will be on DETI tomorrow morning and the £30 million assistance package for Gaelectric, that Jonathon Bell is trying to rail road through the committee on behalf of his boss, Peter Robinson. It is understood that, once again, Gareth Robinson is set to benefit from this deal due to his links to the company involved. 

Could this be the dying embers of the Robinson leadership of the DUP? What is beyond doubt is that the vultures are circling and all those who have been wronged by the Robinson dynasty and those linked to them, which sensationally seems to involve persons up to the level of former US Vice presidents, are just waiting their moment to kick Peter Robinson out of his plush office in Stormont, ironically in the same fashion as Robinson himself mercilessly ended the reign of the founding father of the DUP, the late Rev Ian Paisley. 

The only difference being that Paisley left with his reputation intact as a result of a bloodless coup, it appears that this time the knives are out for Peter Robinson and one things for sure, those lining up against him have plenty of ammunition.


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