Supremacist Sinn Fein should find funding to educate young Unionists on IRA atrocities 

Jim McVeigh’s article carried today on Belfast Live demonstrates just how far removed from reality that Sinn Fein has become. 

They really and truly believe it is their place to tell Unionists how to celebrate our culture, and further than that, tell Unionists how we should ‘learn’ our culture. Just who do they think they are? 

This attitude is another example of Sinn Fein’s increasingly supremacist narrative. They really believe that Unionism is the unreformed underclass of their ‘new Ireland’ society. This attitude is a glimpse into what a United Ireland would hold for Unionism. 

Jim McVeigh’s proposal is cloaked in a charm offensive- much the same strategy that was used to neutralise Unionists that fell for Sinn Fein’s ‘reconciliation’- but when you look beyond the honeyed words, Mr Mcveigh’s real objective is crystal clear. This is simply another method to allow Sinn Fein to target and eradicate expressions of Unionist culture. 

Jim Mcveigh- and all those who supported his defeated injunction- already failed miserably this summer in his targeting of Unionist cutltural expression. Belfast City Council’s injunction fell apart, and in recent days it has been confirmed that it was never even affixed- therefore it did not even take effect. 

Unionism will never take lectures from Sinn Fein on culture or anything else. This is the party that parades children dressed up in ‘military’ uniforms as part of IRA commemorations and lauds the murderous deeds of the IRA. Mr McVeigh himself is a convicted terrorist. 

Perhaps Jim McVeigh could organise funding for young Unionists to be taken on a tour around various spots where the IRA murdered and maimed innocent men, women and children. 

The first stop could be La Mon hotel, when rather than burning wood Sinn Fein’s IRA burned human beings. Then onto Enniskillen where Sinn Fein’s IRA planted a no warning bomb. Maybe to the site where Sinn Fein’s IRA gunned down young Mary Travers. Perhaps to the Shankill Road where Sinn Fein election canvasser Sean Kelly planted a bomb murdering innocent people, including defenceless children. You get the point. 

The issues around how to best develop and celebrate areas of Unionist cultural expression is a conversation for the Unionist community. Sinn Fein have no role in that and their suggestions- which are driven by their own anti-Unionist agenda- are not worth the paper they are written on. They are about as relevant as a Belfast City Council injunction. 


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