#NAMA- Revelations, threats & the cash for influence wing of the DUP- It hasn’t gone away your know! 

The NAMA story continues to rumble on, and Peter Robinson continues to deflect and divert in the hope of riding out the storm long enough to gracefully retire.

This blog, written by a ‘village idiot’ in the words of Peter Robinson- the First Minister- is still the only place to definitively link Peter Robinson, and his son Gareth, to the £7 million (this figure is possibly higher) scam. Of course no portion of the £7 million reached the Robinson dynasty, Ian Coulter was caught with his hand in the cookie jar before he could share the spoils, but believe you me, at least £1.2 million was destined for the swish family Robinson. 

The DUP press office had responded with a threat of legal action, a blanket threat to the entire population and all media, which stated that anyone who even mentioned or engaged with the blog would be joined in the legal action they would be commencing the next morning. I responded by releasing a second segment of allegations, safe in the knowledge that it is impossible to libel the truth.

 The mere mention of ‘Paul Tweed’ seems to be enough to make some people run for the hills, I couldn’t care less. If Paul Tweed wants to sue me on behalf of the corrupt few within the DUP, then let him go right ahead. I will welcome the transparency a court case would bring. 

The DUP then welcomed the NCA investigation, the statement however came only from a DUP ‘spokesperson’- they could not even muster up a senior party member. We also had the meeting with David Cameron, even then the DUP refused to comment. One can only speculate whether the NAMA scandal- and how to squash a hard line internal rebellion against Robinson that would threaten the institutions- was discussed. 

Then we had Ian Coulter issue a statement full of detail, but with no detail at all. It appears the £7 million, or more, was just resting in his account. He can’t tell us why though, because it is ‘sensitive’. I would say that cash for influence fees, set to be directed to the First Minister of the Country, is sensitive right enough, so I suppose he does have a point. 

Then I published some details about an internal DUP revolt, warning how senior party members would rebel over another Gareth Robinson pet project, Gaelectric. Low and behold three out of four DUP MLA’s on the DETI committee refused to take the whip. Robinson again appeared weak. 

Then we had the Robinson interview, a weary looking leader who responded to the allegations by calling me a village idiot and calling the Irish News a rag. This loss of composure from such a battle hardened political operator is quite remarkable. Could anyone imagine David Cameron going on National TV to rebuke the online blog of the ‘village idiot’? Yet that is exactly the place that the once all powerful Peter Robinson found himself in.

 The First Minister also stated he would not sue because I had no money, appearing to miss the irony in making this comment right after saying there had been ‘no vulgar talk of money’ in NAMA meetings. One would have thought clearing his name, on a matter he felt compelled to take to national television to try and rebuke, would have been the priority. Clearly not. 

Then I was given documents showing the cash for influence scam of the DUP in operation once more. This time we had Sammy Wilson, Peter Robinson, Gareth Robinson and our old bagman- Ian Coulter- all conspiring with the Lagan group in the Millmount housing project, another NAMA baby, handed over by the Anglo Irish bank. That story has not yet been fully picked up by the mainstream media, when it is it will raise even more questions for the Robinson faction of the DUP. 

And this is before we even get into revealing information about the £100,000 destined for a certain Robinson. 

I have been warned, via veiled threats, that I should ‘shut up’ and that I am messing with ‘powerful people’. Only today I was warned that I needed to ‘watch my back’. Other people have also decided to engage in some financial bargaining, in an attempt to bring pressure to bear on me, by holding a financial gun to the head of persons within sport with links to me. 

The people behind this disgraceful behaviour for the time being will remain nameless, but make no mistake about it, if you persist in trying to bring pressure to bear in this most unscrupulous manner, then it is you who will feel pressure when you are explaining to the public why you are issuing ultimatums to people who have nothing to do with this- and who have no involvement in politics or community activism- just because they happen to be social friends of mine. 

Of course there have also been the somewhat predictable smear stories and attempts to bring pressure onto me from different angles. Whilst predictable it is somewhat surprising that anyone would think this is any more than water of a ducks after being on the receiving end of threats, abuse, smears and false innuendo every day of my life for the past number of years. 

There is much more to come on NAMA, it is in the public interest that the truth is brought out and little by little it is going to come out. Death by a thousand cuts. To release everything at once would allow it to become a big scandal for a few weeks and then die off after an inquiry, that will take years, is announced. 

This would allow Peter Robinson to weather the storm and ride it out until he can contrive another crisis to deflect every ones attention, and this cycle then continues until he gracefully retires of his own free will. Then by the time those inquires come to their conclusion, he will be happily retired in his Florida or Lisburn road hide out. 

Those within the DUP who have played their role in bringing about this situation now need to put their heads up and take the opportunity that has been created. The ‘Paisleyites’ within the DUP will never have a better chance to strike, the Robinson camp is mortally wounded, and I or anyone else externally cannot finish him off in terms of internally within the DUP. 

Others have done all the dirty work; not least people like me, now it is time for the conspirators in the shadows to step forward and complete the coup. There will never be a perfect time, but all of you should know- better than me- that there has never been a better time. 


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