‘Shared Space’ rally is about hatred of Unionism  

Tomorrow night will see a ‘rally’ organised by an assortment of left wing activists acting on behalf of the increasingly close Sinn Fein/SDLP/Alliance coalition. 

This coalition preaches tolerance and diversity, but at its core reflects the ‘our way or no way’ attitude of the self-righteous  left. 

Their rally is presented as being in favour of ‘shared space’ but in their poster they include an image of the entirely legal UVF 1912 flag, a Union flag and an Ulster flag. 
This gives away the real motivation behind their rally- hatred of all things Unionist. 

It is not grounded in opposition to illegal flags, because their poster contains not one illegal flag, but rather opposition to every single manifestation of Unionist culture and expression of Britishness. Far from being a rally to ‘share’ space, it is really more about promoting a ‘Brits out’ agenda! 

There has been a continued promotion of ‘fake news’ by the aforementioned coalition of anti-Unionist activists as they proclaim the evil of these ‘paramilitary’ flags. 

Paramilitary organisations are proscribed under the terrorism act and therefore flags of such organisations are illegal. The UVF 1912- which later became the 36th Ulster Division- flag does not pertain to a proscribed organisation therefore is entirely legal and has the same status in law as the Union flag, the Ulster flag or any other legal flag. 

Should there be any attempt to enforce the removal of any lawful flags then the logic of that would be that all lawful flags would have to be removed, and where would that leave us? 

Make no mistake about it, this rally isn’t ‘for’ anything, it is against Unionism. The only thread that unites Sinn Fein/SDLP/Alliance is their opposition to Unionism. This rally is about bringing those opposed to Unionism into a traditionally Unionist area to try, in their mind, to put manners on Unionists in their own community. Outrageous arrogance and extraordinarily inflammatory. This has the potential to ignite community tensions. 

Sinn Fein have hooked themselves onto this anti-Unionist coalition and tried to re-frame it as a movement of ‘progressives’. Their nefarious aim is really to use this movement as a vehicle to advance the ‘harmonisation’ phase of their ‘struggle’ which lies in tatters following Brexit and Unionism’s increased power at Westminster. 

‘Shared Space’ and ‘Shared Housing’ is really all about neutralising the cohesion of single identity communities. That is why the majority of these shared housing initiatives are based in what would have been traditionally Unionist areas. 

It is trying to not only break down single-identity community cohesion; it is also trying to gain political advantage by effectively redrawing the boundaries and creating a path for Nationalist electoral gains in traditionally Unionist areas. 

How many shared housing initiatives are there in predominantly republican areas? 

Regardless of what the liberals or the so called ‘muzzled majority’ will tell you, Northern Ireland is predominately two tribes- Unionism and Nationalism. The recent election results have shown that. 

Therefore in this framework it is absurd to suggest that Unionism should buy into further neutralising of our communities in order to facilitate the overarching republican ‘harmonisation’ strategy and to contrive a modification of the demographics so as to facilitate Nationalist/Republican electoral gains. 

The Alliance/SDLP and assortment of left wings fanatics assisting them are being used as useful idiots by Sinn Fein. They are being duped into believing in a fairytale of ‘progressives’, when in reality they are willing pawns in Sinn Fein’s moves to envelop the Unionist community and push their nefarious all-Ireland harmonisation agenda. 

Tomorrow night- as Unionism exerts real power and influence at Westminster- the SF/SDLP/Alliance coalition are reduced to agitating on issues of cultural expression and playing street politics. 

It demonstrates their utter powerlessness and the increasingly strong position of Unionism working collectively to roll-back much of the Belfast Agreement and promote Brexit in line with the democratic wishes of the British people. 

In regards to flags, all the ‘progressive’ protests in the world will not change a single thing. The PSNI have no authority to remove legal flags and the DUP have a veto, which is strengthened by influence at Westminster, over any political deal attempting to regulate flags. 

This ensures that the Sinn Fein/SDLP/Alliance protest is little more than a gathering of activists pledging to howl at the moon.