The smoking guns hidden in plain sight- keep digging #NAMA #Gaelectric

It is now over a week since this blog became the first, and to date only place, where Peter Robinson was directly named as being the politician set to benefit from a slice of the £7.5 million syphoned into an off shore account by his friend, Ian Coulter. If one looks at the mainstream media timeline of events, there is a strange omission. It seems almost as if out of thin air, Peter Robinson came on national television and denied the allegations, allegations of course that have not been made by the mainstream media. Robinson has been tentatively linked to the whole scandal by extremely industrious and excellent journalism, but no paper or media outlet has directly named the First Minister.

 I have been the only person to name Peter Robinson and I stand over all the allegations within that first blog, published last Monday night. 

The truth is that Peter Robinson was so disturbed by the allegations, which are true, that he waited four days before launching an outburst on national television with a swipe at the Irish News, who had earned his wrath because of the industrious journalism of Brendan Hughes, and the ‘village idiots’ of social media. He was referring to me. If I was such a ‘village idiot’, then given that I was the only person to name the First Minister, why did he feel the need to go on national television and give an extremely uncomfortable interview to address the ramblings of the ‘village idiot’? 

Of course the DUP firstly threatened to sue, and then decided not to sue because I have no money. Surely ‘vulgar talk about money’ is irrelevant? I would have thought that the First Minister would have wanted to clear his name. Why has he, or Gareth Robinson, refused to refute allegations that Gareth is a habitual user of cocaine? 

Peter Robinson last week asked senior advisors within the DUP to search the internet and troll through all paperwork to ensure that nothing incriminated him or caught him with his hand directly on the cookie jar, he put plans in place to allow his old friends Ian Coulter and Frank Cushnahan to take the fall for their scheme, a scheme that both Peter, and his son Gareth Robinson, actively contrived along with Ian Coulter and Frank Cushnahan. They were either knowingly or unknowingly assisted by Simon Hamilton and Sammy Wilson. 

There is also of course the goings on within DETI, where Jonathon Bell is actively working to push through a £30 million package that will benefit Gaelectric. This will see the most senior member of their company in Northern Ireland, Patrick McGlugan, benefit. Patrick McGlugan has held a number of lunch ‘dates’ with Gareth Robinson, as well as a three way meeting between Gareth Robinson, Diane Dodds and himself. 

It is also believed that Gareth Robinson has been regularly paid, as an individual, for work carried out and this money has been deposited into a personal account rather than through his front company verbatim. An industrious journalist could do worse than delve into all the funding schemes that have OFMDFM input and they will come across irrefutable evidence of Gareth Robinson, the son of the First Minister, receiving payments through third parties receiving OFMDFM funding, for ‘advisory’ work. 

Below are five questions that the media should ask, aside from the questions already being asked about the OFMDFM document and other DUP political interference in NAMA. The smoking guns are hidden in plain sight;

1) Is Patrick McGlugan, senior Gaelectric employee negotiating, with Gareth Robinson, a £30 million DETI wind energy package, a DUP donor? 

2) During the NAMA sale process did Peter Robinson, at any stage, meet with Ian Coulter and Frank Cushnahan? 

3) How many telephone conversations did Peter Robinson hold with Ian Coulter and Frank Cushnahan, either as part of a conference call or separately, during the NAMA sale process?

4) The accounts shown for Gareth Robinsons ‘company’ do not match up with the volume of work he is known to undertake, has he filed tax returns and declared all payments received? 

5) Is Ian Coulter a donor for the DUP and were senior party members informed of his intention to provide a ‘big’ donation in return for their political ‘influence’? 

This is all only scratching the surface of the deep rooted corruption around NAMA and the DETI scheme which will see Gaelectric benefit, at the expense of the tax payer, but it seems very like it will be death by a thousand cuts. 

The information will continue to leak out little by little and eventually the whole truth of these most sordid and corrupt scams and deals will become clear. I am not mad, I am not insane and nor are my multiple sources who are in a better position than most to know the truth. 
The door has been kicked open; the First Minister has been forced to publicly address elements of the issue, keep digging and eventually the whole truth with naturally unravel.


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