NAMA scandal update- Cocaine habits, empty legal threats & the silence of the ‘powerful people’!

 On Monday evening I published a truthful account of events surrounding the NAMA scandal and revealed the name of the DUP politician, our First Minister Peter Robinson, who was set to benefit from a slice, approximately £1.2m of the £7m that was diverted by Ian Coulter into an off shore account. 

The blog also recounted events at the Carl Frampton fight when Gareth Robinson, under the influence of cocaine, arrived at the fight and began abusing a number of people who were guests of Tughans solicitors. Gareth Robinson later had to apologise to a number of these guests for his behaviour. 

I fully stand over my claims that Gareth Robinson is a habitual user of cocaine- I challenge him to give a sworn affidavit stating that he has never engaged in the use of cocaine.  

The DUP issued a threat to the media just before mid-night on Monday claiming impending legal action first thing on Tuesday morning against my blog and that anyone who “repeats,refers, retweets or links to the contents will be joined in the action.”

Over 22,000 people have engaged with the blog- as far as I am aware, as of yet, the DUP have yet to issue legal proceedings against any of the 22,000 people. 

Rumours abounded in Belfast High Court that emergency injunction proceedings were set to be issued against me yesterday, this never materialised. 

Ask yourself why? If this is all such a big lie that I have concocted- then why have the DUP not refuted the claims within it or indeed had the courage to follow up their empty threats of legal action? 

Does anyone ever remember the DUP so silent? I was informed yesterday that even those on the Robinson side of the party are exasperated with his shady property deals and scandal after scandal. 

All Mr Robinson has said in recent days is that he did not get any of the £7m- of course he didn’t- because their scheme was uncovered and the £7m was recouped by Tughans and Ian Coulter ‘resigned’,his wife, Vicky Dummigan, also left the company a short time before under unknown circumstances. 

The question among the DUP ranks is ‘who is leaking’ to me. The very fact that question would enter their head gives validity to the assertion that it is all true and rather than refute the claims- they are more interested in the source of the truth! 

The door has now been kicked clean open, many sections of the media are in possession of the same information- if not more- than I have published. It is time they stood up to the threats of the ‘powerful people’ in the Robinson dynasty. 

The DUP are the same people who are fond of labelling others criminals and thugs- there is no behaviour so thuggish as the senior government partner, of the joint administration, issuing blanket threats to the entire population, not to mention the ‘we are powerful people’ threats directed towards me via third parties. 

There is nothing so criminal as bargaining with the assets of the people, selling them short and all to make money for your own personal ’empire’. 

If you were a single mother who had stole a pair of school shoes for your child because you couldn’t afford them , you would be brought before the court and quite possibly end up jailed. If you corrupt the very heart of Government with scandals such as having your grubby hands destined for a £7m off shore account- you get to run the country and issue blanket threats that makes it look as if the DUP want to turn N.Ireland into a satellite state of North Korea. 


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