SF Cllr Jim McVeigh’s hatred of all bonfires exposed 

Sinn Fein’s attempts to cloak their sinister agenda to eradicate all Unionist cultural expression zones has been exposed. 

Despite Cllr Jim McVeigh blaming others on ‘mixing’ and claiming that Sinn Fein were not opposed to all loyalist cultural expression zones, his own words have tripped the former IRA terrorist up. 

Only last week Cllr McVeigh was quoted in the Newsletter saying “no bonfire is a safe bonfire”. Naturally the logic of this is that Sinn Fein would find fault with every Unionist cultural expression zone and therefore seek to eradicate them all. 

The convicted terrorist sought to distance himself from his own quoted remarks by claiming he was in turn quoting the Fire Service. He does not appear to have asked the Newsletter to correct his quotes. 

The honeyed words of Cllr McVeigh were utterly demolished when his own comments from 12 July 2015 were published. 

Commenting on a beacon within a cultural expression zone which included face-painting, bouncy castles and children’s fun day the IRA man said “I think all bonfires are destructive. Let’s stop them all wherever they are.”  

The full post can still be read here: 

Cllr McVeigh attacked North Belfast Cllr Julie Anne Corr-Johnston for promoting the cultural event. He found fault with a cultural expression zone that did not even encompass a traditional bonfire, but rather a beacon. 


If anyone was in any doubt as to the sinister agenda of Sinn Fein, they can simply read the comments of Cllr Jim McVeigh. 


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