#NAMA- The ‘smoking gun’ tapes

It can now be revealed that over thirty hours of secretly taped recordings are what holds the key to proving the illegal dealings of a number of high profile property developers, bankers and politicians. The true story behind the ‘smoking gun’ tapes can now be revealed. 

Peter Robinson and Sammy Wilson are among those who feature on the tapes and their ‘discussions’ are a damming indictment of the cash for influence culture that is rife within Northern Ireland. 

Other high profile political figures are included on the tapes along with major property developers from within Peter Robinson’s ‘charmed circle’. All of Robinson’s circle of white collar gangsters would later benefit from sweetheart Cerebus deals to wipe clear their considerable debts. What a coincidence. 

The Lagan bothers, Noel Murphy, Adam Armstrong and Paddy Kearney are just some of those whose names and personal contributions feature on the tapes. 
In 2008 Frank Cushnahan- one of those who was to benefit, to the tune of £5 Million, for his part in the NAMA scheme- approached Graham’s bookmakers and offered his ‘services’. His terms included a 5-10% cut of profits and the use of office space.

Graham’s came to an arrangement with Cushnahan and he subsequently moved into office space within their Belfast head office. 

Some time later Graham’s terminated Frank Cushnahans contract. An angry Cushnahan demanded a severance ‘payment’, until he was informed that- as is common practice within a bookmakers- all incoming and outgoing calls are recorded. Cushnahan promptly left with his tail between his legs. 

The recordings, which include discussions about corrupt ‘deals’ and serious fraud, were handed to a Belfast solicitors and other copies were made for a ‘rainy day’. 

A few years later Graham’s loan was transferred to NAMA- which of course had Frank Cushanhan, at the recommendation of Peter Robinson and Sammy Wilson, on their NI advisory committee- and was later sold on to Cerebus in July 2014 as part of project eagle. 

Peter Robinson, through Alan Mains, negotiated the previously exposed sweetheart deals with Cerebus for his charmed circle of white collar crooks. 

Paddy Kearney, Noel Murphy, Adam Armstrong and the Lagan brothers all benefited greatly from a sweetheart Cerebus deal. Paddy Kearney showed his appreciation to Alan Mains by buying him an £80,000 Mercedes. 

But what about Graham’s loan, the company who held the tapes that could well land so many big players in prison? 

Graham’s approached Cerebus and offered an 80% repayment on their loan- which would have seen Cerebus make a considerable profit. This was turned down and instead Cerebus appointed receivers. 

Graham’s issued legal proceedings against Cerebus for the receivers appointment, on the basis that all interest was fully up to date and their loan terms had been met. This case is due to be heard in Belfast High Court early next year. 

I have written to the finance committee offering to provide evidence that will be damming and will expose the whole NAMA scandal and much more. 

The finance committee are obliged to consider my correspondence tomorrow, this should be in public session given it is not only within the Public Interest but it also contains nothing that would require it to be hidden from public view.

 It would be somewhat concerning if the finance committee contribute to the ring of secrecy being thrown around the NAMA scheme by dealing with a simple matter of correspondence in private session. 

If the finance committee want to know what really went on in regard to NAMA and indeed want the location of the tapes, then they should accede to my request to provide evidence.

 If I am a liar I will be easily exposed as such, but if they attempt to gag me then I am sure it will be blatantly obvious that they know what I am saying is true and they want to avoid a political earthquake at this ‘delicate’ time. 

Of course following his stint in Graham’s, Frank Cushnahan took up office in Tughan’s. Perhaps there is a second set of tapes, held by Tughans themselves. 

More to follow including the location of the ‘smoking gun’ tapes which are locked in a safe in the Belfast area. 


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