Comments following #NAMA DFP committee meeting 


Comments following this mornings finance committee meeting in which the committee agreed to write to me, in relation to evidence I hold about the NAMA scheme: 

I look forward to hearing from the committee. I understand they are to send me the Terms of reference of their inquiry and ask me to respond giving an indication of whether my factual evidence will be relevant. 

I will study the terms of reference carefully and provide factual evidence within those parameters. 

It is my intention to provide the committee with an indication of what evidence I hold and how this is relevant to the terms of reference. I will release this correspondence into the public domain to ensure there is no attempt to create a veil of secrecy around the process. 

It will then be up to the committee to decide if they wish to ask me to appear as a witness or if they wish to receive further written evidence. 

I am not keen to engage in private correspondence or written evidence with the committee beyond responding to their initial queries. I believe this issue needs to be addressed publicly before the committee, where members would have the opportunity to examine my evidence and-for want of a better word -‘interrogate’ me. This would allow for a robust challenge of my evidence to ensure that it stands up to scrutiny. 

I have no intention of turning any potential appearance before the committee into a circus. To do so would be not only be wholly irresponsible but furthermore it would allow those- who very clearly have serious questions to answer around NAMA- to distract from the factual, explosive and damming evidence that I will provide. 

My evidence before the committee, if I appear as a witness, will be within the parameters of the terms of reference and will deal in factual evidence and information. 

What I have to say and show will be shocking, explosive and it is no exaggeration to say that it could- and should- end some big political careers. 


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