PSNI officer disciplined and another referred for prosecution in Jamie Bryson case 

Two PSNI officers, Detective Constable Owen Nevin and Detective Constable Lesley Stock, face serious disciplinary action and possibly prosecution following a Police Ombudsman report. 

Detective Constable Nevin took to the witness stand on my first bail hearing and lied to the court. He informed the judge, and repeated the assertion under cross examination, that I had been found “hiding in a locked attic”. 

The judge gave this primary reason for the refusal of bail. This assertion, of course, was a lie. A lie that resulted in the denial of my liberty. 

Many others also dined out on this PSNI spoof for many years. Thousands of trolling tweets have been devoted to taunting me about being in a “locked attic”. How foolish must the authors of such comments feel now. Duped by the PSNI’s carefully contrived spoof. 

The Police Ombudsman report in this regard does not go far enough. It has found- beyond all reasonable doubt- that Owen Nevin provided an inaccurate statement to the court. Told a tie. 

The feeble excuse put forward by Mr Nevin might pull the wool over the eyes of the Ombudsman in this regard, but he will never convince me it was an innocent mistake. 

Nor do I agree with the Police Ombudsman that because he was giving evidence about the statement of another officer that he could not be prosecuted for perjury. That is plainly incorrect. He was giving evidence under oath and the statement he was speaking in relation to said one thing, Owen Nevin said the opposite. 


Accordingly I will be pressing for Mr Nevin to face perjury charges. How could this officer even be trusted again to handle any case impartially? He is incompetent at best and corrupt at worst. 

Further to this outrageous and malicious spoof being outed, the Investigating Officer in the case- Lesley Stock- has been referred to the PPS for prosecution. 

Despite the case against Detective Constable Stock being reported in the media, they were unable to publish a picture of the officer. 

She is now subject to criminal proceedings. In this regard she is to be treated the same as every other alleged criminal and as such her image can be published. 


Detective Constable Stock, who was suspended from duty and had her home raided by the Ombudsman, was trolling me relentlessly on social media whilst supposedly progressing my case ‘without fear or favour’. She was plainly progressing my case maliciously as her hate-filled and bitter social media trolling showed. 

I knew this fake trolling social media account was an extremely bitter person and suspected it may be this officer, as it tallied with the anger and hatred towards me she was displaying in relation to the case. 

I instructed my solicitor to request a bail variation and inform only Detective Constable Stock. Therefore only my Solictor, Lesley Stock and I knew about this application. 

Low and behold within a couple of hours this account was trolling me and making reference to the application. Constable Stock outed herself at this point and then tried to cover her tracks by saying that the account was operated by a ‘friend’ of hers. Nonsense and the Ombudsman seen right through this malicious lie! 

As a result Constable Stock will most likely face a court of law. Whilst IO in my case she was relentlessly trolling me on social media. This demonstrates the political motivations of many of the key players involved in my case. 

We have had ACC Will Kerr’s evidence to the court in my case totally contradicted by an affidavit he provided to the Supreme Court in another relevant case. 

We have Detective Constable Nevin maliciously lying to the court in order to ensure that I was remanded in custody. 

And perhaps worst of all we have the Investigating officer in the case doubling up as an abusive, hate-filled social media troll. 

Does anyone still doubt what I said from day one- this is political policing!

Following developments on Twitter @JamieBrysonCPNI 


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