Self-loathing Jihadi huggers are the greatest threat to the UK 

This past week we have seen the aggressive and angry left explode in a fit of rage. Not at the horrendous terror attack- they light candles and change their facebook profile pictures for that- but rather at anyone who calls for a strong and aggressive response to the critical Islamic threat. 

 In the wake of the Manchester attack the liberal left took to social media to voice their main concern; that we must not apportion blame and instead that we should work desperately hard to find some fault in ourselves, so we could ‘understand’ why an Islamic terrorist had murdered children and families at a pop-concert. 

But of course we must not even describe this as an Islamic terrorist attack. That would be to demean Islam. The attacker that carried out the attack in the name of Islam and that was radicalised by Islam, must not- under any circumstances- be described as an Islamic terrorist. That would offend Islam. And that we must never do. 

These self-loathing and outraged appeasers show all the signs of the left; they despise excellence, hate achievement and above all else hate strength. They constantly bubble with a victim narrative and a sense of being ‘robbed’ by those more successful than themselves. 

Their hatred of our very British way of life stems from a deep rooted hatred of strength. They do not want a strong and assertive Britain, lest we crush our enemies. They want a weak Britain that makes appeasement the order of the day. Hug a Jihadi should be top of our national agenda. 

This anger comes out in their aggressive and hate-filled social media trolling, amongst other things. I encountered many of these angry self-loathing individuals this week. 

Anyone who dares articulate a different view to these left wing fanatics is a “racist”, “islamaphobic”, “stupid”, “bigoted”, “illiterate”, “hate-filled” or, quite simply, just a “cunt”. 

If only they trolled the terrorists as much as those whose views they disagree with. 

These Jihadi huggers tell us we should understand and show tolerance to the murderous cult of Islam, yet the same people are incredulous when anyone articulates a view that is not to their liking. 

People like me, they say, must not be given a public platform to air our views; but the very people terrorising us presumably should be afforded the platform instead- in order that we could ‘understand’ their murderous deeds. We must allow them to develop their narrative, to explain away and justify their actions. 

Or if we cannot ‘engage’ and integrate with those terrorising us, then the platform at the very least should be provided to someone that will deliver a sound left wing analysis. That will explain the Jihadi narrative in an acceptable British hating tone. To allow any other voices is simply irresponsible and quite frankly irrational. Or so the British hating left would tell you. 

In the minds of many of these self-loathing left wing trolls there is one thing much worse than terrorism- patriotism. 

They are pro everything that is anti British. Any erosion of our traditional Christian values, morals or British way of life is deemed ‘progressive’ and therefore must be welcomed. 

Anyone that opposes any of their latest fads must have a ‘phobia’, or be a racist, or be intolerant or a bigot. They will cling to any cause that chips away at the moral fibre of society, anything that promotes their ‘progressive’ agenda. 

It is these people, these serial appeasers and haters of our traditional British values, that are the greatest threat to the United Kingdom.


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