Cllr Ruth Patterson dismisses SF ‘amendment’ to Tuesday’s Council motion 

Statement from Cllr Ruth Patterson following Sinn Fein attempts to amend a motion calling for a full public inquiry under the Inquiries Act 2005
” Sinn Fein’s statement, issued on Sunday evening by Cllr McVeigh, is a textbook piece of political wriggling- designed to get them out of the box that Tuesday night’s motion has locked them in. 

” The matter of RHI is only being debated at Belfast City Council because of this motion, a motion that Sinn Fein would clearly rather had not come before Council. 

” The proposed Sinn Fein amendment is designed- as is so often the case- to use linguistic summersaults in order to cloak their true aims in language that suggests something quite different. 

” The fact is that Sinn Fein are running a mile from a public inquiry- which can only properly happen under the Inquiries Act 2005. The amendment seeks to omit any reference to the Inquiries Act, thus removing the legislative mechanism that would give all their blustering some credence. 

” I hope my Council colleagues see through Sinn Fein’s duplicitous posturing on this issue. 

” It may appear to some that the marriage of ‘Marlene’ is going through a very public and nasty divorce. But make no mistake, despite one partner being linked to an organisation recently involved in the murder, and the other caught sharing the spoils of the family inheritance with their cronies, the marriage will soon be back on. 

” Sinn Fein are playing poker, and not playing it very well. Their most cherished possession is the iniquitous architecture of the Belfast Agreement; hell will freeze over before they collapse the Assembly. 

” As for the DUP, they are the chief implementers of the Belfast Agreement, and therefore as long as they continue to ride on that Trojan horse, they can do whatever they want. Sinn Fein might make a lot of noise, write a lot of articles and put out a lot of statements, but the DUP give Sinn Fein the oxygen to breath and to advance their ultimate goals, there’s no chance either of the partners are cutting out the other.” 


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