Cui Bono- 13 questions for the DUP 

1. Timothy Johnston told Nolan show that he did not seek to influence, but rather to ‘advise’. Was, therefore, his advice sought on the RHI, or did he provide unsolicited advice? 

2. Arlene Foster told BBC Spotlight that she passed on allegations from the whistleblower. The DUP later said there were no allegations. Was it the case that Arlene Foster believed- wrongly- that Spotlights source was a second whistleblower that she met in Enniskillen? 

3. Arlene Foster later told the Nolan show that she knew she had contact with the whistleblower and that she knew the lady had emailed her. How would Arlene Foster have known the identity of the lady who was Spotlights source? Did Spotlight tell Arlene Foster? 

4. Did any DUP SpAds- specifically John Robinson, Stephen Brimstone, Andrew Crawford and Timothy Johnston- or their families (including extended family) benefit from the RHI scheme? 

5. The DUP demanded that the names of those who received OTR letters should be published. The DUP haven’t made such strong demands in relation to the RHI scheme, why not? 

6. Did Arlene Foster ever previously report or deal with any complaints of intimidation, bullying or harassment against Jonathon Bell? 

7. If Jonathon Bell was making females feel intimidated and bullied, then why did Arlene Foster not immediately remove Mr Bell from post once she became First Minister? 

8. Did Dr Andrew Crawford, John Robinson, Timothy Johnston or Stephen Brimstone circulate an email memo advising DUP associates to get onboard the scheme, prior to the pending closure of the scheme? 

9. Will Arlene Foster authorise the release of all documentation, as Jonathon Bell has done? 

10. Will the DUP support a Judge-led public inquiry into the RHI scheme, proposed by Mr Bell? 

11. Can the DUP confirm that Mr Stephen Brimstone was running a pipe from an empty shed to heat a family home? 

12. How much did F&EM Ltd, specifically Mr David Brown, make in 2016 in consultancy fees for advising recipients of the RHI scheme? 

13. Can the DUP confirm that 12 boilers were in the former Ulster Weavers bleachworks in Banbridge , and that building wasn’t heated at all for 8 years prior to the RHI scheme? 


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