LAD cyber bully revealed 

I notice that given LAD’s now boring and repetitive harassment, one of the pathetic cowards behind the website has decided to seek relevance by revealing himself under the laughable auspices of launching a ‘stand up show’. 
Let us not forget the innocent people LAD harassed and some of the vile, obnoxious, sectarian, defamatory and profanity laden comments that regularly flowed from the admins of their website. 

There are people such as myself who willingly put themselves into the public domain. In that regard the obsessed trolling from creeps- such as John Paul Whearty- is part and parcel of daily life. 

LAD, however, decided to trash the lives of many people whose only crime was to express their views on their own social media platform- ironically being brave enough to do so under their own name. 

Now that John Paul Whearty has confirmed what many of us have known for quite some time, and convicted woman beater Gary Kirby has already been outed, it is about time the other bearded ‘Lad’ admitted his complicity in what was little more than a NI21 inspired mask to allow cowards, woman beaters and insecure freaks to troll those brave enough to articulate their views using their own identity. 

I would encourage all, especially those in the loyalist community, to remember the campaign of hate this site orchestrated and not to allow this cyber troll to whitewash his actions or somehow present them as part of a moral crusade. 

Harassment, cyber bullying and trolling is not the mark of a group of virtuous crusaders, but rather a band of insecure social rejects whose purpose in life was found behind a keyboard. 

Given there are already legal actions being brought against LAD associates by Jim Wells, it is entirely possible that similar actions could now flow against John Paul Whearty, the self confessed ‘Lad’. 

There may also be criminal breaches of the law in terms of harassment and anyone who feels they have suffered at the hands of Mr Whearty and co. should refer the matter to the PSNI for further investigation. 
Finally, I hope that all will remember Mr Whearty for what he really is. A cyber bully and a coward that hid behind a mask to abuse others. 


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