11 vital questions- #Nama scandal 

This past week has seen more Nama allegations substantiated in the mainstream media, by virtue of the excellent BBC Spotlight program by Mandy McCauley. 

This, once again, makes a mockery of the useful idiots unyielding defence of that “pillar of the establishment”- Mr Frank Cushnahan.

There are a number of questions that are relevant at this time. 

 Gareth Robinson worked as a lobbyist for Lagans, who benefited from Sammy Wilson’s political influence being exerted on Nama in relation to Millmount. Lagans have recently got the Millmount site after Paddy Kearney ran into financial difficulties. Ian Coulter also now works for Lagans.

1) Gareth Robinson was paid professional fees by Lagans. What for? 

B) Did Lagans make any cash payments to Gareth Robinson for his lobbying? 

C) Did any representative of Lagans meet with Sammy Wilson or Peter Robinson? 

2) Did Gareth Robinson, in his annual returns, make a declaration of cash payments he had received from John Miskelly? If not, why not? 

3) As a PR lobbyist, what was Gareth Robinson’s expertise in a financial deal involving property developers. What services did he provide? Or was Gareth Robinson’s role to act as a conduit for his father, Mr Peter Robinson, in selling political influence for cash?

4) Mr Paddy Kearney received extraordinarily strong political support from Peter Robinson. Did Mr Kearney- or his fixer Alan Mains- make any cash payments to Mr Cushnahan or Gareth Robinson or meet with either? 

5) The Miskelly tapes cover under the table cash payments totalling up to circa £700,000. Who else received these payments and for what ‘services’? 

6) Frank Cushnahan said Gareth Robinson was to be sorted out from “the other thing”. What other thing? Was this reference to the £7.5m fixers fee that was to be split 5 ways? Was Gareth acting as the conduit for his father Peter Robinson’s slice of the money? 

7) Was there more than one off shore account that held Nama fixer payments? An account in the name of the wife of one of the key players in the scandal perhaps? 

8) What was the next part of the tape after Frank Cushnahan received the £40k from John Miskelly? Was the £40k to be split between Frank Cushnahan and a prominent political figure? 

9) Frank Cushnahan was “up working behind the scenes” with Sammy Wilson. Did Frank Cushnahan have a Stormont access pass, if so what party gained this for Mr Cushnahan? 

10) Can Frank Cushnahan confirm that prior to moving to Grahams bookmakers, he held an office in a firm controlled by Mr Brendan McGinn, a key player in Fortress? Did Mr Cushnahan communicate with his colleague Mr McGinn, who worked for Fortress the under bidder, during the bidding process? 

11) Brendan McGinn- business associate of current Finance Minister and from whose office Frank Cushnahan previously worked- was paid a large fee for carrying out due diligence on Fortress’s Nama bid. What was this fee? Was it in the region of £800,000? 

The above 11 questions are just the tip of the ice berg. There are huge questions- with enormous political ramifications- for the current Finance Minister. These questions will be published 24 hours prior to his appearance at the DFP committee. 


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