Responding to petulant McGuinness- He can keep his trust 

“I take the comments by Martin McGuinness on BBC Talkback today as a huge compliment. I would have to seriously reconsider my political position if the day came when Sinn Fein were singing my praises.

” The petulant nature of the comments by McGuinness quite clearly display his anger at the fact his party has lost an MLA, a Cllr, a party worker and upwards of 18 party members; all the while Sinn Fein’s millionaire golden boy, the Finance Minister, remains under serious political pressure. 

” I intend to press on with seeking a public inquiry into Nama and exposing the corruption around it; as well as presenting some public questions for the Finance Minister pertaining to the Nama issue. 

“Sinn Fein, in my view, took their foot of the Nama pedal as a trade of to secure political breathing space over the IRA murder of Kevin McGuigan. 

” Sinn Fein now find themselves in the political slaughterhouse alongside Frank Cushnahan and the useful political idiots that colluded with him. Poetic justice.

” As for the Deputy First Minister, he can save his trust for his partners in Government.”


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