Red faces for the Nama colluders and useful idiots..

Red faces for the Nama colluders and the useful idiots…. 
Last nights Spotlight has, once again, vindicated my so called ‘pantomime’ DFP committee hearing appearance and the ‘tainted’ evidence. 

I am quite sure there are some with red faces this morning, not least the lackey’s that were blind to the bigger picture and got themselves all worked up in recent weeks writing illiterate ‘critiques’, skulking about with spray cans and exposing their own lack of political sense. Such fools! 

There will, however, be none more red faced this morning than Sammy Wilson; Frank Cushnahan’s useful idiot. Used by ‘£40k Frank’ to negotiate with the Irish Republic in order to drive the Nama price down for Peter Robinson’s golden circle.

This is, of course, the same silly Sammy Wilson that filled the airwaves in recent weeks waxing lyrical about anyone talking to Sinn Fein- the DUP’s partners in Government! 

Sammy Wilson and Peter Robinson, as part of a joint enterprise with upstanding citizen Frank Cushanahan, were working in collusion with the ‘grey mists of the Irish Republic’. Who is laughing now? 

Robinson’s ‘fixer’ Frank Cushnahan, who was sent to Nama by Sammy Wilson, even sought to ‘coach’ a potential DFP committee witness and a suspect in a police inquiry. 

After the fury of recent weeks, there really is rapidly shrinking and narrowing political ground on which to shield the Sammy Wilson Nama nominee, poor old Frank the fixer, the coacher and the £40k brown bag man!  

Such a shame that Sammy Wilson narrowed the political ground on which he could move- in relation to ‘coaching’- by virtue of his own mouth in recent weeks; he simply couldn’t help himself. He painted himself into a corner. 

The DUP- whilst still under Peter Robinson’s leadership- and Sinn Fein, had come to an agreement last year prior to Christmas. The DUP would lay off the continued existence of the IRA in return for Sinn Fein easing off on Nama. 

Ironically Robinson/Wilson- and those they colluded with in these corrupt dealings- now end up in the political slaughterhouse alongside Sinn Fein, for matters connected to the Nama scandal. Poetic justice some may say. 

Tonight’s Spotlight is the tip of the iceberg, there is much more to come. 

A full, independent public inquiry is required. 


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