The senior IRA terrorist  questioned over Kingsmill revealed 

The high profile Provisional IRA terrorist arrested in connection with the Kingsmill massacre can be revealed here, for the first time, as Michael ‘Micksey’ Martin.
The 59 year old republican has been released from custody pending a report to the Public Prosecution Service. The career terrorist was one of the main 7 suspects initially identified by the RUC following the brutal attack on a bus carrying Protestant workmen. The one Catholic on the bus was ordered away form the scene by the IRA gunmen.

Martin previously worked as a lorry driver for his long time associate, Tom ‘Slab’ Murphy- who is currently serving a prison sentence in the Republic of Ireland for criminal charges. 

‘Micksey’ Martin has long been suspected of involvement in the deaths of over 100 people. He is believed to have organised the Bishopgate bombing on 23 April 1993, along with South Armagh IRA terror boss and current senior member of Sinn Fein, Sean ‘The Surgeon’ Hughes. Martin was also implicated in the Docklands bombing, which at the time broke the fledging IRA ceasefire. 

The South Armagh terrorist previously served prison sentences in the Republic of Ireland in 1975 for explosives offences and was jailed in the USA for arms procurement in 1989. Martin was also arrested and held on remand in Belmarsh prison in 1994. His fingerprints have been on the security forces system for decades. 

It was, however, Colm Murphy, who is 63, that hi-jacked the getaway vehicle used in the Kingsmill attack. The republican gunman was also involved in the Narrow Watter attack in 1979. It was after a period of imprisonment in the United States that Murphy was recruited by MI5 around 1985. 

Following his recruitment as an MI5 asset, Murphy took part in the 1989 murders of RUC officers Harry Breen and Bob Buchanan and provided the mobile telephones to the Omagh bombing team in 1998. 

It is believed the arrest of ‘Micksey’ Martin is to be the first of a number of arrests of those identified by the RUC in 1976 as initial suspects, following the re-opening of the investigation. 


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