Exclusive: Cushnahan worked out of McGinn’s BJM office… And the £40k cash ‘retainer’ 

Frank Cushnahan worked from Brendan McGinn’s office prior to moving to his office at Sean Graham’s bookmakers. 

This astonishing detail has, quite amazingly, been overlooked since the beginning of the Nama scandal. It clearly links Cushnahan to Brendan McGinn and, by extension, the ‘stalking horse’ Fortress bid under the reserve price. 

Cushnahan worked from McGinn’s BJM office alongside former Ulster Bank manager Fonsie Corr. 

Until now, Brendan McGinn has managed to lurk in the shadows of the Nama scandal. To the surprise of many the new Finance Minister, whilst a member of the DFP committee, has went to great lengths to divert any suspicion away from the Fortress ‘stalking horse’ bid. 

Links have now emerged between Brendan McGinn and Sinn Fein, particularly Mairtin O’Muilleroir. 

Mr McGinn has previously funded North Belfast Sinn Fein council and Assembly election campaigns. 
The Fortress man is also in business with the brother of prominent Sinn Fein member, Mitchel McGlaughlin, in Londonderry’s Northside shopping complex.

McGinn has worked closely with Mr O’Muilleroir on private business ventures such as the Emerald Fund. 

Brendan McGinn has been lionised by the Finance Minister’s Irish Echo publication and Aisling events, another Mairtin O’Muilleroir company. 

Brendan McGinn is a close friend of Gareth Robinson, although the pair are reported to have fell out over circa £30k that was owed by McGinn to Robinson- who is a former DUP Cllr and the son of Peter Robinson. 

Frank Cushnahan’s links to Brendan McGinn raise further serious questions around the Fortress bid under the reserve price. 

Cushnahan is currently on bail alongside Ronnie Hanna in relation to alleged fraud offences arising from the Nama scandal. 

It is understood that a ‘golden circle’ of property developers paid a monthly ‘retainer’ in order to stay out of administration. 

Frank Cushnahan is believed to have regularly collected these payments, including receiving circa £40k from John Miskelly in a hospital car park. 

As was exclusively revealed on this blog last week, Ian Coulter has given over 60 hours of voluntary interviews to the NCA and Brendan McGinn, Alan Mains, Gareth Robinson and David Watters are earmarked for imminent arrest. 

It is believed that Gareth Robinson has instructed legal representatives to contact the NCA and offer himself for a voluntary interview, in order to avoid the political embarrassment of being arrested. 


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