Questions for O’Muilleroir over links to Brendan McGinn #Nama 

The newly appointed Finance Minister, Mairtin O’Muilleroir has had a working relationship with one of the major players in the Nama scandal- Brendan McGinn- for a number of years. 

During his time on the DFP committee, Mr O’Muilleroir often appeared to defend Fortress and was keen to dismiss the ‘stalking horse’ theory in relation to their bid under the reserve price. 

The South Belfast MLA worked closely with Brendan McGinn on ventures such as the Emerald fund and New Ireland Capital Partners and as today’s documents- which are publicly accessible- show, the new Finance Minister toured the United States of America fundraising alongside Mr McGinn.  

O’Muilleroir’s Irish American publication- the Irish Echo- devoted many column inches to praising the work of the Emerald Fund, and Brendan McGinn in particular. 

During one of his frequent tours of New York, Mr O’Muilleroir hosted an event in 2010- fronted by his publication the Irish Echo- trying to drum up financial investment from Irish America. 

One of the key speakers at the event, representing ‘New Ireland Capital Partners’ was none other than Brendan McGinn- the man who was intricately involved in what many to believe to have been the Fortress ‘stalking horse’ bid for the Nama Northern Ireland loan portfolio. 


Brendan McGinn is a close friend of Gareth Robinson- who it is understood is set to voluntarily present himself for questioning to the NCA- and also a business partner of Paul Tweed. 

When six of those involved in the Nama scandal sought to silence my evidence before the DFP committee and restrict the circulation of my book- their Solictor of choice was Paul Tweed. 

Also present at the 2010 New York event was OFMDFM favourite Terence Brannigan. Mr Brannigan has been a long time associate of Peter Robinson and had involvement with Frank Cushnahan in relation to the mystery donation to Glentoran Football Club. 

With Mairtin O’Muilleroir now in post as the Finance Minister it is incumbent upon him to declare exactly what his relationship is with Brendan McGinn- regardless of how innocent it may, or may not, be. 

There is no suggestion, at this point, that the newly appointed Finance Minister has engaged in any wrong doing whatsoever. There is, however, understandable questions around why the South Belfast MLA was less than forthcoming about these links during his time on the Finance Committee. 

Huge revelations will surface in the coming days, with explosive documents set to expose the secret DUP- Cerberus agreement prior to the sale of Nama Northern Ireland loan portfolio. 


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