Open letter to DUP Project Fear leader-Arlene Foster 

Dear Arlene, 

I have recently received a letter from you, urging me to vote for your DUP candidates. 

The core message within your letter appears to be that only a vote for the DUP can effectively keep Sinn Fein out. 

This is slightly confusing, given that you have already cooked up your program for Government alongside your long standing joint partners in OFMDFM, Sinn Fein- the same Sinn Fein that you say a vote for the DUP will keep out! 

I understand that party strategists had to find some method to deflect from the DUP corruption that ran right throughout the Nama sale and the nefarious dealings with property developers along the way, but the perception that your standing in every constituency only serves to add to the confusion. 

Their strategic idea was, it seems, to play the fear card. The one contrived at St Andrews by the very man your party is trying so hard to forget, Mr Peter Robinson. 

Of course, it is by virtue of the St Andrews Act that there is a possibility of a Sinn Fein First Minister. 
With this knowledge I would have suspected that every DUP MP would have been up in arms trying to stop the passage of the St Andrews Act at Westminister? I was mistaken, not one single DUP MP voted against the passage of the very piece of legislation that opened the door to a Sinn Fein First Minister. 
I am sure you can then understand my confusion when you warn me of the dangers of a Sinn Fein First Minister. 

The DUP were so concerned around the dangers of Sinn Fein in Government that the party jumped in and out of the Executive- leaving you to bolt the Nama vault in Finance naturally- before happily returning to the OFMDFM bosom once it was confirmed that the IRA Army Council remained in existence and had control over weapons. 

Again, I am confused. It was the DUP that hounded David Trimble from office over the existence of the Army Council and IRA guns. Yet now- in 2016- guns and government poses no problems for the DUP. 

Amidst all my confusion one thing is crystal clear, you and the baby barristers at party HQ think I- and the entire electorate- are stupid. 

A vote for your DUP candidates is not a vote for Sinn Fein out- it is a vote for Sinn Fein in! A vote for the DUP is a vote to ensure that the political wing of the armed IRA remain in the joint First Minister position. 

So Mrs Foster, on the 5th of May I won’t be voting for your DUP candidates. 

I am a bit of a political anorak, I like to keep all the electoral communications I receive. I tend to put them in bundles. Your letter will go in the bundle alongside your coalition partners- Sinn Fein! 

Kind regards 

Jamie Bryson


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