The ‘facts’ of DUP’s Junior Minister name change own goal! 

Today’s latest spin by the DUP- in relation to Emma Pengelly’s sudden name change- has done little besides demonstrate the duplicitous nature of the DUP. 

In the DUP statement carried in the Irish News the party stated the following; 

Emma’s Twitter handle has been ‘Little Pengelly’ since before she was even an MLA. That’s the factual reality.

“Someone has just noticed this and foolishly jumped to the wrong conclusion. It’s a nonsense to suggest this is a recent change. The facts speak for themselves.”

Indeed, let’s examine the ‘facts’: 

On 10 March the DUP website carried a statement from ‘Emma Pengelly’. 

On 17 March the DUP carried a statement- for the first time- from ‘Emma Little Pengelly.’ 

The two contrasting statements can be seen here 

 The DUP office- which Emma moved into after taking her post in the Northern Ireland Assembly- has ‘Emma Pengelly’ inscribed on the sign outside the office. 

Given the DUP claim Emma was known as ‘Little Pengelly’ even before her election, it appears someone forgot to inform the sign maker! 

The NI Assembly website carries the DUP Junior Minister profile. The Assembly refer to Emma as ‘Emma Pengelly’. Her profile can be seen here. Again the DUP appear to have forgot to raise this clear ‘error’ with the NI Assembly! 

In earlier communications the DUP referred to the Junior Minister as ‘Emma Pengelly’. Again, the printer must have made a most terrible mistake! 

The ‘facts’ demonstrate that far from being some grand misunderstanding, this has been a devious move that the DUP have tried to slip by the electorate. Now it has been exposed for the farce that it is, the DUP have began to back peddle! 

It is clear that in mid-March the DUP began referring to Emma as “Emma Little Pengelly” for the first time. The DUP’s own website stands as testimony of this ‘fact’. 

Once again the devious, duplicitous and utterly desperate nature of the DUP has been blatantly exposed. 

It is a shame that such underhand tactics are being deployed by the DUP. I suspect these pathetic and childish games are being contrived by the spin-doctors in the background of the DUP. It is a shame that they have dragged Emma into their pathetic games. 


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