Anti-Unionist black heart at core of PSNI, PPS & Parades commission exposed

Following the logical decision today to quash the convictions of the YVC Flute band for “playing provocatively”, there are now serious questions for the PSNI & PPS. 

These political, malicious and illogical charges were brought with only one purpose, and that was to break the backs of the Unionist marching community. This, evidently, has failed and the YCV band have done the entire Unionist community a great service by fighting the contrived charges brought against them by a politically compromised policing and justice system. 

It also exposes the malicious and anti-unionist ethos that beats at the very core of the black heart of the Parades Commission. The ruling against our band, the Bangor Protestant Boys, in relation to this Saturday’s Apprentice Boys parade past St Patrick’s has now been woefully exposed as flawed and based upon s falsehood. 

The determination references a court ruling that deemed the tune of Sloop John B to be a “sectarian song”. The commission held that our band therefore had twice played a “sectarian tune” in the vicinity of St Patricks. This malicious and flawed contention has now been blown out of the water and the Commission have been left looking utterly incompetent and ridiculous. 

Given the very basis for this Saturday’s banning of our band has now been exposed as being nothing more than a contrived falsehood and the ludicrous initial ruling by the Magistrate as been dismissed as sheer folly, there is only one logical decision open to the Commission- which is devoid of any logic or decency- and that is to overturn the fatally flawed ruling. 


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