Politically motivated PSNI seek to question me over the playing of a hymn 

I was not in the least surprised to find three plain clothes PSNI officers, from Antrim Road PSNI station, arriving at my door this morning. 

Given the political nature of policing in N.Ireland, a contrived & politically convenient case is never far away from those who cause political difficulties. 

The “serious crime” on this occasion was our band playing a hymn on Clifton Street. I, of course, am a deacon in the band and therefore merely carry a stick- yet to date the PSNI have decided to target only me. 

The officers present were extremely keen for me to voluntarily come to the station and assist them to “avoid any bad PR”. 

 Why on earth would I voluntarily assist the PSNI who have done nothing but seek to persecute me and many others in my community? 

I do not believe I have committed any offence whatsoever, therefore why would I voluntarily enter the PSNI station for a “quick chat”?

I will make no effort to hide from the PSNI, I am easily accessible and the PSNI know where I live. If the PSNI wish to speak to me over the “serious crime” of carrying a stick whilst our band played a hymn, then they can come and arrest me at any time. 

Whilst republicans have letters of immunity and the NIO work in tandem with the politically compromised PPS- headed up by the IRA’s solictor of choice- to ensure no prosecutions are brought against any republicans who remain loyal to Sinn Fein, loyalists are hunted down relentlessly like animals. 

It is also worth noting that the last case the PSNI brought against me has been utterly discredited by the fact that the one time investigating officer, Lesley Stock, is currently suspended from duty and under investigation for serious crimes committed as part of her role in my case. 

Other officers were exposed as liars on the witness box and the other detective in the case, Mr Owen Nevin, is under Police Ombudsman investigation for committing perjury during my original bail hearing. 


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