Revealed: Robinson on Gareth Graham tapes discussing plan to discredit Peter Curistan

Yesterday saw another twist in the rapidly unfolding scandal surrounding Peter Robinson.

Developer Peter Curistan, represented by KRW Law, issued a complaint to the PSNI in relation to comments made by Robinson using parliamentary privilege. 

The then East Belfast MP (before he managed to lose East Belfast) had stood up in the House of Commons and accused Curistan of being involved with IRA dirty money. There was never any substance to the allegation and letters- previously published on this blog- between Robinson & the Secretary of State prove that the Government repeatedly told Robinson they had no information nor intelligence to suggest any improper conduct by Curistan’s company. 

I revealed some time ago that Robinson’s reason for trying to discreet Peter Curistan was that the West Belfast developer had won preferred developer status for the Queens Quay development. Robinson’s ally’s Paddy Kearney and Kevin Lagan were both unhappy and wanted Curistan “taken out of the equation”. Robinson cooked up the plan to discredit Curistan and then followed this up with a number of letters to the Secretary of State and other Government ministers asking them to tighten to assessment criteria and to stop Curistan from winning the bid. 

For quite some time Peter Robinson may have thought he got away with that dirty little scheme, but he didn’t account for the fact that Frank Cushnahan was recorded discussing it. 

KRW Law also hold the Gareth Graham tapes- explosive recordings of Cushnahan, which include Robinson- and it is on these tapes that Robinson and Cushnahan discuss the plan to discredit and destroy Peter Curistan. 

The fact that Peter Robinson is on the tapes in relation to a plan to use Parlimentary privelege to destroy a legitimate businessman- all so his golden circle could benefit- signals a major breakthrough for those alleging serious misconduct by Robinson over many years. 


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