The questions for Paddy Kearney & Peter Robinson-The explosive #Nama letter Robbo “forgot” about! 

A copy of this document has been sent to the DFP committee

When I appeared before the DFP committee I repeatedly made reference to the golden circle of property developers, who I alleged had received sweetheart deals, and I specifically mentioned Mr Paddy Kearney.

Peter Robinson described my appearance as a “pantomime” and claimed my allegations were “groundless” and “lacked credibility”. This of course is notwithstanding the fact that to date around 90% of my evidence has been proven factual.

The existence of the Dankse bank account has been proven, the “celebration dinner” Peter Robinson attended has been proven, the refinancing of certain property developers debt has been confirmed, the lack of minutes of meetings held between DUP figures and potential bidders has been confirmed, the existence of a letter written by David Watters claiming the money has been confirmed, the fact that the money was to be split five ways with £1.5m each has been confirmed (I named five people) and now it has been confirmed that indeed Peter Robinson wrote to Nama on behalf of Paddy Kearney.

During Mr Robinson’s evidence he evaded questions about Mr Kearney and scoffed at any suggestion that a golden circle of property developers existed and that he would have sought sweetheart deals for them. Mr Robinson must have “forgot” to tell the DFP committee he had written to Nama on behalf of Mr Kearney following a personal meeting with the Mayple 10 property developer. The Sunday Business Post exposed the existence of this letter from Mr Robinson to Nama on Sunday 1 November and wrote that Mr Robinson “pleaded” with Nama on Kearney’s behalf. Surely the DFP committee must ask why Mr Robinson failed to disclose this during his “evidence”?

Mr Robinson was forced to confirm to the DFP committee- following my evidence- that indeed he had attended at dinner in Carrickfergus to “celebrate” the sweetheart deal that he helped Paddy Kearney achieve. He “could not recall” who organised that dinner or who invited him. Let me refresh Mr Robinson’s memory- it was Alan Mains, the same man who organised the private meeting between Robinson and Kearney on May 17 2013.

Mr Paddy Kearney is one of the six- dubbed by me as the dirty half-dozen- who have engaged the services of Mr Paul Tweed to attempt to have my book banned via the back-door. Of course none of the six want to air the arguments in open court; instead they prefer to threaten the publishers with jargon-filled legal letters that in reality are not worth the paper they are written on. Mr Tweed is of course a business partner of Brendan McGinn. Mr McGinn is one of the dirty half-dozen but interestingly he is also the main man behind the Fortress bid beneath the reserve price. Here is evidence of Mr Tweed and Mr McGinn’s business relationship.

I point out to the DFP committee- and especially those who resisted and resented my appearance- that if it were not for my evidence before the committee you would not have gotten the First Minister to appear, you would not have gotten Paddy Kearney to appear and you most certainly would not have been able to uncover much of the information you have now uncovered. I unlocked doors that were bolted shut. The committee should now go through those doors that have been kicked of the hinges and rigorously interrogate the evidence mounting up in front of them.

I have drafted a number of questions that the DFP committee must surely ask Paddy Kearney :

1. Were the loans of your business formerly known as P.B.N Holdings, with an approximate value 300 million pounds, acquired by Nama circa December 2010?

2. You are widely known as one of the ten members of the so called Anglo Irish Bank golden circle/mayple 10, were that group were loaned circa 45 million pounds to participate in what has been determined in April 2014 by the Dublin courts as an illegal share support scheme. Is this true?

3. Was the illegal mayple 10 loan acquired by Nama?

4. It was widely reported you received this illegal loan in/around July 2008. Is this correct?

5. Did you inform your fellow shareholders in P.B.N in July 2008 that you were in receipt of this illegal loan?

6. Did you receive further personal loans in Anglo Irish Bank to purchase bonds against the illegal mayple 10 loans?

7. Did Nama acquire the bond loans?

8. Were the P.B.N Holdings loans of around 300 million and the illegal mayple 10 loans acquired by Cerberus?

9. It is reported that you bought your debt back at a substantial discount. What was the cost to buy back this £300m of P.B.N debt?

10. Was the illegal mayple 10 loan of 45 million bought back by you?

11. What was the cost to buy back this illegal mayple 10 loan?

12. Have you received a pay-out on the bonds and if so how much?

13. Did you buy these loans back with your own money or did you seek finance and from whom?

14. It would appear you have received extremely favourable terms from Cerberus- can you account as to why?

15. Peter Robinson attended a “celebratory” dinner hosted by you in Carrickfergus. Mr Robinson “cannot recall” who invited him to the dinner. Can you confirm if it was yourself or Mr Alan Mains?

16. Have you ever purchased or leased a Mercedes car for Mr Alan Mains?

17. Have you ever made any payments to Mr Mains for services?

18. Have you ever personally or have any of your companies made any payments to Mr Peter Robinson, Mr Gareth Robinson or any other member of that immediate family?

19. What is the nature of your relationship with Mr Peter Robinson?

20. Who organised the May 17 2013 meeting between yourself and Mr Peter Robinson?

21. Who was present at this meeting?

22. Was Alan Mains involved, in any way, either in this meeting or in setting it up?

23. Did you personally or your company have any personal or professional relationship with any of Mr Frank Cushnahan, Mr Ian Coulter, Mr Andrew Creighton or Mr David Watters?

24. If so, what is the nature of these relationships?

25. You appear to have preferred status with Cerberus as you have recently acquired the former loans of Mr John Miskelly including the Ten Square Hotel, the Millmount site and the sirocco site. How do you explain this preferred status?

26. Can you detail your involvement in Millmount? The DFP committee have possession of an email sent by you to Mr Pat Whelan of the Anglo Irish bank on 07 November 2008 (attached). In this email you state that you have held discussions with Ciaran McAreavey in relation to the Millmount site and you also write in this email that you were receiving information from the original architects. Can you explain what you meant by this?

27. Did you have any discussions with Mr Robinson, Mr Ian Coulter, Mr Frank Cushnahan, Mr Andrew Creighton, Mr David Watters, Mr Paul Tweed, Mr Alan Mains or Mr Brendan McGinn prior to your appearance before the committee?



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