#NAMA- It hasn’t gone away you know- 20 basic questions

On Wednesday this week my book on Nama was banned by Amazon, on the foot of “complaints” received by Mr Paul Tweed, a respected libel lawyer. As respected as Mr Tweed is, it seems beyond his capabilities to serve a writ upon me and deal with the issue through the transparent court process. 

Instead Mr Tweed, and the six individuals he is representing, and trying to avoid court and go via the back-door to have the book removed. If they think that this is going to work, they are sadly mistaken.
The Nama story has slipped out of the headlines slightly in recent weeks, and Peter Robinson and his cronies seem to believe they are in the clear, far from it. 
There are big revelations on the horizon- not related to Nama- that will lead to very awkward questions for Frank Cushnahan, Peter Robinson and Terence Brannigan.

It is however worth pointing out that many questions remain unanswered, and Peter Robinson’s ducking and diving under the poor questioning of the DFP committee has not made them go away. Here are 20 very basic and simple questions, which should be quite easily answered:

1. What process was undertaken by the then Finance Minister Mr Sammy Wilson when putting forward Mr Frank Cushnahan to the Nama NI advisory committee?

2. Why did Sammy Wilson not make Nama aware that Frank Cushnahan was subject to a damming report by the NI Audit office in relation to his role in the NIHE and Red Sky scandal?

3. Why did Fortress- who are heavily influenced by Brendan McGinn- bid so far beneath the reserve price knowing they could never win?

4. Did Paul Tweed declare in any of his correspondence- representing unnamed individuals- that he was in fact a business partner of Brendan McGinn?

5. Why did Peter Robinson and Sammy Wilson meet PIMCO- organised by Frank Cushnahan, whilst still on the NI Advisory committee- and why did PIMCO have the impression that on the basis of this meeting the NI Executive were “assessing their credibility”?

6. If Frank Cushnahan had no information about the NI Loan portfolio, then how was he able to hold discussions with potential buyers and assist in drawing up a potential MoU?

7. Did Gareth Robinson undertake lobbying work for Lagans? Mr Robinson said he did not believe he did, however I have firmly said that Gareth Robinson did undertake lobbying work for Lagans. What is the truth?

8. How does Mr Robinson explain the conversations he held with Mr Frank Cushnahan- which are held on the Gareth Graham tapes? (unrelated to Nama but relevant to Paddy Kearney and Kevin Lagan)

9. Does Peter Robinson know David Watters?

10. Does Peter Robinson know Andrew Creighton?

11. Has Peter Robinson ever been party to any arrangements whereby Frank Cushnahan has donated money- fronted by Andrew Creighton- at the request of Mr Robinson?

12. Has Peter Robinson ever been party to any arrangements whereby a donation by Frank Cushnahan was part of a formal arrangement that would get Terence Brannigan a particular position?

13. Does Peter Robinson know Alan Mains and has he held any meetings with Mr Mains?

14. Can Mr Alan Mains categorically refute that he was an MI5 asset- and was in that role when Harry Breen and Bob Buchanan were murdered by the PIRA?

15. Mr Robinson played down his relationship with Mr Paddy Kearney in his evidence to the DFP committee. Has Mr Robinson Paddy Kearney’s personal mobile telephone number and has he had any telephone conversations or exchanged text messages with Mr Kearney?

16. Mr Robinson said he could not recall who organised the celebratory dinner in Carrickfergus with Paddy Kearney; I have said that it was Mr Alan Mains. Can Peter Robinson categorically refute this?

17. Why do no minutes exist for the meetings Mr Robinson held with potential buyers of the NI Loan portfolio?

18. Did Peter Robinson mention any specific loans during his discussions with Cerberus?

19. Was it the DUP or Cerberus that requested their meeting in Stormont castle be held at 8am in the morning?

20. Does Mr Robinson have access to any off shore bank accounts?

The above questions are very basic. They do not even scratch the surface. They are easily disproved if they are untrue. Perhaps the media could fulfil the role of asking some of those questions and let’s see whether my allegations are “baseless”.


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