#NAMA book banned- yet not a single writ served! 

My book highlighting the nefarious Nama scheme has been banned on Amazon. 

This development comes after a series of complaints by Paul Tweed- a libel lawyer and business partner of Fortress’s Brendan McGinn- on behalf of six individuals who I have named the dirty half-dozen. They are Peter Robinson, Frank Cushnahan, Alan Mains, Paddy Kearney, Brendan McGinn (Fortress) and Kevin Lagan. 

Mr Tweed initially informed Amazon that there had been a defamation complaint from his clients- yet not one of them had served any legal papers of any sort against me! 

Amazon refuted his defamation angle so Paul Tweed went back to the drawing board. He has now contrived a “Copyright” complaint. Quite how anyone could hold the “Copyright” for a book written entirely by me, is quite beyond comprehensive. 

This is, in fact, merely another attempt by Mr Tweed to have my book banned for a period of time to allow his clients some breathing space. 

The book of course reveals all the grubby schemes that Mr Tweed’s dirty half-dozen have been involved in, along with others. It also reveals how Alan Mains lied to the Smithwick tribunal and failed to disclose he was an MI5 asset at the time. Is it any wonder they are going at every angle to get the book banned? 

I will firmly resist these contrived and pathetic attempts to have my book banned. Should I however fail to overturn the Amazon ban, I will simply publish a PDF of the entire book online where everyone can read it for free. 

The question people should ask is this- if there has been any defamation and I have lied in the book, then why has not one single writ been served? 

If there is any basis to this latest “copyright” complaint dreamt up by Paul Tweed, then why has not one single writ been served? 

These people- represented by Mr Tweed- want my book banned because it is the truth. They haven’t commenced action against me because they know if they do it will be proven to be the truth. 

I emailed Mr Paul within past two weeks following his malicious “defamation” letters to Amazon. I requested that he backed up his complaints by issuing a writ against me or seeking a court order. He has not responded. 

Mr Tweed should come clean on what the basis for his malicious and contrived complaints are and have the courage to issue a writ. If Paul Tweed and his clients/business partners are so certain of their position, then why not apply for a court order to have the book completely banned? Why not seek an injunction? Surely a lawyer of the international standing of Paul Tweed wouldn’t be concerned about taking me on in a courtroom? 

The answer to all of the above is simple. They can’t go to court because they know I am telling the truth, so they are trying to get the book banned via the back-door with a number of malicious, baseless and concocted complaints to Amazon. 

I still have a number of hard copies of the book in my possession if anyone would like a copy, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


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