Response to Paul Tweed & the Dirty half-dozen’s attempt to have my NAMA book banned 

Responding the the legal action brought against my book: 

Today’s notice from amazon that Mr Paul Tweed, representing six individuals, is claiming defamation in relation to my book, is little more than a transparent attempt to have the book removed from the shelves. 

Of course, as yet, they have not taken any legal action against me- to do so would open them up to cross examination in the courtroom. That is one place those six named individuals do not want to find themselves. Hence why they have confined their action to trying to have my book banned. 

Mr Robinson, of course, chose a good day for this action, a busy news day where the focus is all on his epic Stormont U-turn rather than his NAMA shenanigans!  

I again reiterate that I stand over all allegations I have made. I have responded to Mr Tweed and advised him to go ahead and initiate proceedings against me. The discovery in that case will be nothing short of remarkable. 


If Paul Tweed and his dirty half-dozen think that a legal letter is going to make me buckle, then they are sadly mistaken. I again repeat my challenge- sue me and I will see you in Court. 


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