Serious questions for NI21 following exposure of their Stormont worker as a woman beater & LAD admin. 

Today’s exposure of Gary Kirby- who I named as a LAD admin in my book- raises many serious questions. 

Kirby was one of the original players behind the satirical website LAD. The site and their social media accounts set themselves up as the moral guardians of Northern Ireland society. They existed to “call out” and “expose” those who they viewed as the dregs of society. 

LAD took on this crusade behind the cover of a fake account, unable to use their own names and publicly challenge those they disagreed with, instead they hid behind a veil of secrecy and bullied anyone who refused to conform to their viewpoint.

It never bothered me, I put myself out there and am fair game. But there were other ordinary people who didn’t put themselves out there. They perhaps expressed a view on social media and LAD worked to ensure they lost their job, were abused because of their physical appearance or derided over a spelling mistake. 

Gary Kirby thought this was all fantastic stuff. Along with his fellow LAD’s- including a current admin who works for Belfast City Council- he revelled in the destruction their little social media account was causing in the lives of ordinary people. Those they targeted were braver than LAD ever were. The victims of this trolling were vulnerable to harrassment because they had the courage to express their views using their own name. 

In a remarkable portion of karma, Gary Kirby was exposed some time ago as a LAD admin and as a result he had to leave his job in Convergys. Now today he is exposed in the Sunday Life as a convicted wife beater, who urinated in a police car and who now works at Stormont for Basil McCrea. 

NI21 had a strong influence over LAD from the very start. Olive Buckley, the NI21 chair, is Gary Kirby’s partner. She used the LAD site to whip up support for her Union & to leak information about the NHS. 

NI21 need to urgently explain just what their involvement  was with LAD and whether any money from their party was funnelled into LAD to assist them in the production of their black propaganda videos and “merchandise”. 

I am sure many victims of domestic violence will also be questioning Basil McCrea’s support for a convicted wife beater, who urinated in the back of a police car. 


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