#NAMA- Revelations of fraud perpetrated against the Irish Tax payer as more evidence is proven true 

 With every passing day, more information that I have released into the public domain is being confirmed as true by the mainstream media outlets.

Today it was confirmed, although unrelated to NAMA, that Peter Robinson’s son Gareth was lobbying on behalf of many of the biggest renewable wind energy suppliers. I revealed this, on this blog, in July and drew it to the attention of the DETI committee. This morning Sam McBride from the Belfast Newsletter confirmed that an FOI request had revealed that indeed Gareth Robinson had been a lobbyist for some of the major firms and Mr Jim Allister MLA raised the possibility within the Assembly that some lobbyists had undue influence on DETI policy. Gareth Robinson is a close friend of Patrick McGlugan, a major player in renewable energy firm Gaelectric. I also raised the issue- in my evidence session last week- that Gareth Robinson had an access all areas pass for Stormont. This was initially reported by the Irish News and has never been denied.

This morning the Irish News appeared to confirm the existence of a document that proved that David Watters and Andrew Creighton- two of those I named last week at the DFP committee- did indeed stand to benefit from a slice of the £7.5million. Their carefully worded denials missed the point- no one has said they did receive a payment or that they will receive a payment, the issue is that they were earmarked to receive a payment! Their play on words- contrived by a PR company- would fool only the most elementary follower of the Nama scandal.

I can today reveal information of a fraud that has been perpetrated on Nama and the Irish tax payer.

DTZ McCombe Pierce, based in Belfast, were appointed as the fixed charge receiver- by Nama- over a site at 14 Clanbrassil Road, Cultra in September 2014. DTZ marketed the site and agreed a sale to the highest bidder, supposedly a Mr Tracey, for £2.2 million. When contracts were due to be exchange, the supposed purchaser- Mr Tracey- reduced his bid to £1.7 million.

The co-operative Mr Pierce of DTZ then persuaded Nama to accept the lower bid, even though there were other bidders in excess of £1.7 million. The sale was then completed with the Irish tax payer losing out.

Mr Tracey was in fact only a ‘front man’ for a scheme hatched by Mr David Watters for his buddy Andrew Creighton, who was the money behind the deal.

Currently the house is being developed as a large house, by celebrity architect Mr Des Ewing, who is fully aware of whom his ‘real’ client is. The house is to be occupied by Victoria Creighton, Andrew Creighton’s daughter.

It is of note that Mr Watters and his firm are on the Nama Northern Ireland accountancy advisory panel. The numerous conflicts of interest in relation to this, I understand, have not been declared by Mr Watters.

On another note Mr Paddy Kearney continues to ‘look after’ his fixers. Having already purchased an £80,000 Mercedes for Alan Mains , he has recently hosted Chris Wilson of Jefferies Loan Core and Donal McCann of Lambert Smith Hampton in a villa in Sotogrande, to show his gratitude for their ‘assistance’.


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