Initial evidence is proved accurate- and there is much more to come…#NAMA

 Since the public evidence before the Northern Ireland Assembly DFP committee on Wednesday, there has been much made about whether my evidence stood up to robust scrutiny or not.

I am certain that the mainstream media, and their teams of researchers, have been pouring over every word of my evidence with a fine tooth comb in an attempt to identify any holes or inaccurate financial information. As yet, despite more than 48 hours and many news cycles having passed, no one has been able to contradict any of the factual evidence that I provided.

The Irish News today appeared to confirm that indeed the original payment did go into a dormant Danske Bank account. Tughans now bank with Ulster bank. This is one issue I raised with the committee on Wednesday. It has also been verified that indeed Mr Paddy Kearney is set to purchase the Millmount site and further to this it has been proven that my analysis of Mr Kearney’s accounts indeed do accurately reflect what appears to have been a remarkable deal that he was afforded by Cerberus via Jefferies Loan Core. Dominic Bradley, the Deputy Chair of the Northern Ireland DFP committee asked me why Cerberus would just write off so many millions. Perhaps he got his answer in the Dail yesterday when Mick Wallace TD revealed that some of the fixers pay-offs were to be made via refinancing deals.

I also revealed- prior to Wednesday- that Mr Gareth Graham was going to America. This was confirmed late on Thursday evening and reported widely on Friday morning by the mainstream media.

Of course we have had the predictable denials by those named, including a very carefully worded statement by Mr Andrew Creighton. It did of course take more than 24 hours for the statements from Mr Creighton and Mr Watters to appear- presumably as they tried to burn any paper trail before they made their statement. It is worth asking, did either man contact Tughans before issuing their statement? 

Mr Robinson’s predictable statement is nothing more than a fig leaf. As Jim Allister quipped on The View last night “Yes, we heard what he said”. 
 I have repeatedly said- never mind the strongly worded statements and the threats to sue- it’s time to pursue the very clear path through the courts that is open to Mr Robinson and others and issue proceedings against me. This of course really will be a pantomime due to the fact that if one of those named issued proceedings then all the others will find themselves called to be cross-examined, including Mr Alan Mains who will face serious questions over his evidence to the Smithwick tribunal as part of an examination of his character. This of course would centre on the part of my evidence on Wednesday- which went largely unnoticed- whereby I described Mr Mains as not only a former RUC officer- as he told the Smithwick tribunal- but also a former British Intelligence officer. There is a clear distinction.

I can today draw attention to another individual, Mr Toby McMurray, a partner in Tughans. Mr McMurray is currently facing proceedings in the High Court in relation to misrepresentation, defamation, malicious falsehood, negligence and breach of contract. The case is currently before Mr Justice Weatherup and is listed for review on 1 December 2015.

Mr McMurray is also the joint owner of James Wray & Co art gallery, based in James Street South in Belfast City Centre, only a short distance away from the City Hall. This gallery deals in extremely expensive art pieces. This, of course, will appear entirely irrelevant at this point in time; however come Thursday (1 October) it will take on huge significance in the unfolding Nama scandal and how the proposed payments were to be shared amongst the “fixers”.


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