DUP & some others on the Finance Committee want to treat the public like mushrooms

I have watched with interest and a great deal of amusement as some members of the Finance Committee- particulary the DUP- went to tremendous lengths to try and ensure my evidence before the committee would be in a closed session. 

Given the obvious desperation of the DUP to shut me out from the committee, I am sure many people are wondering why they are going to such outrageous lengths to try and ensure that the public cannot hear my evidence. 

I am no different than Gareth Graham or any of the other witnesses who have given evidence in public and I will not play the DUP game of allowing my appearance before the committee to become controversialised or for there to be a heirachy of public witnesses.

 That is, of course, the DUP strategy- they will want to create a pantomime around me so as whatever information I can provide will be discredited. 

I am wise to the transparent tactics of the DUP- and others on the committee falling in behind them- and I am somewhat offended that the DUP, who have been out-manoeuvred by Mike Nesbitt, would think that I would walk into such an elementary trap. 

The DUP want to push for a closed session because they think I will object to that, because in their minds I desire the “oxygen of publicity” and therefore they hope I will become frustrated and simply refuse to appear in closed session. 

This is not about publicity- contrary to the myth that the DUP will try and create- so if the committee decide to hear my evidence in closed session, I will challenge this through all avenues open to me-and if I am unsucessful in doing so then I will quite happily provide my evidence in closed session. 

My desire is that those involved in this nefarious, criminal and utterly corrupt scandal will be exposed before the general public and unable to bury their crimes behind “closed sessions” or “ongoing investigations”. 

If the Finance committee wish to treat the public as mushrooms in relation to my evidence then, quite simply, I will bypass the public censorship they are trying to put in place. 

I will give my evidence to the committee in closed session and walk straight out of the meeting and read the exact same opening statement and evidence that I provided to the committee and publish that particular video on my own You Tube channel so that anyone who is interested can watch the evidence over and over again as often as they wish. 

The only thing that will be missing will be the squirming of the DUP committee members. 

Further to this my book revealing all the sordid details behind this nefarious scheme is almost ready for publication. That- unfortunately for the DUP- is outside the remit of the Finance Committee. 


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