Comments on Finance Committee decision to invite me to give public evidence

I attended the finance committee today and was pleased to hear that they have agreed- despite robust DUP protests- to invite me to give evidence in public session. 

I was somewhat shocked at the attempts of the DUP to block me attending. I would have thought that if there was any issues with my evidence they would have preferred the opportunity to robustly interrogate me in public. 

The evidence I will provide will remain firmly within the terms of reference, will be respectful of the committee guidelines and will also provide extra layers of information to what the committee has already heard- as well as some explosive new revelations. 

I am also aware that Gareth Graham’s legal team from KRW law, are in the process of launching legal proceedings against those they allege were involved in a “criminal conspiracy.” This is understood to include politicians, bankers, ‘influencers’ and others.

 I will ensure that none of my evidence will- or could- in any way undermine Mr Graham’s case, as ultimately I believe that those involved in this scandal- including very senior politicians- should face the due process of criminal proceedings. 
Jamie Bryson 


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