Murder, Lies & Appeasement- PSNI politicking to save the peace process 

The recent statement by PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton has illuminated the fact that the PSNI now willingly inhibit the political sphere. 

Rather than dealing with the facts and facing up to the uncomfortable fact that the IRA Belfast Brigade leadership has sanctioned the murder of a man, the Chief Constable has sought to give a political analysis and cloak his statement in enough ambiguity to provide a ‘way out’. 

George Hamilton effectively issued a OTR letter to the IRA in a nakedly obvious attempt to save the failed peace process. 

It is almost beyond belief that the Chief Constable has almost found himself providing justification for the continued existence of the IRA- ‘in some form’ and has accepted the ‘geniune assurances’ of Sinn Fein that they are wedded to non violent and non criminal methods. 

With this very statement the Chief Constable has absolved the IRA of the murder of Paul Quinn, Robert McCartney, the robbery of the Northern Bank, the Columbia three and more recently their Florida gunrunning expeditions. 

This is before we even mention the contributed criminality, use of IRA guns and Semtex for dissident terrorism- guns that were ‘decommissioned ‘- and the recent slaying of Kevin McGuigan. 
The Chief Constable says he believes Sinn Fein- yet the PSNI have arrested a number of Sinn Fein members and one is charged with possession of a firearm- a Glock- just the same as those brought in from Florida by Sean Murray. 

The contradiction between ‘believing’ Sinn Fein is wedded to non-violence and then arresting their members in connection with a murder investigation is startling. 
It is equally startling that the Chief Constable continues to peddle the AAD line- albeit in a less forceful manner than the earlier PSNI statement. 

The PSNI know this had nothing to do with AAD- they know the calibre of that group of low level criminals- so therefore the only logical reason as to why the PSNI would continue to dangle them out as bait, is to provide a fall guy to cover the IRA and thus provide the yellow bellied DUP with another way to wriggle out of standing up to the fact that they have sold the Unionist people a pup. 
It is clear to any half sensible person that the IRA exist and will continue to exist. It is clear they killed Kevin McGuigan, just in the same way they robbed the Northern Bank. 

The only people who seem blinded to this most obvious truth are those with a vested interest in protecting the peace process- a process that is built upon murder, lies and appeasement. 


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