Questions over why Policing Board member Roisin McGlone was present at Ardoyne 13th July incident 

One aspect of the ‘story’ that the mainstream media have been silent on, in relation to the ‘car’ incident at Ardoyne on the 13th July, is the identity of one of the innocent bystanders who was unfortunately hurt. 
Roison McGlone is a republican ‘cross community worker’ and was also a former community relations officer for Belfast City Council. 

She now sits on the Northern Ireland policing board. 

One wonders why this individuals name has been largely withheld and not included in any depth within any of the numerous stories relating to the 13th July incidents? 

The question must be asked- what was a cross community worker and member of the Northern Ireland policing board doing in the middle of a gang of dissident republicans at Ardoyne shop fronts? 

A Policing Board member had her wrist broke yet this isn’t “newsworthy”? 

And why has this high profile member of civic society not come forward to tell her side of the story in relation to the attempted hi-jacking of John Augheys car? 

Given it is only a few short months since a member of the Parades commission was seen embracing republicans at the Ardoyne shops- it leads to a very real perception that a policing board member is openly in cahoots with dissident republicans. 

This perception can be easily dismissed if the media could simply ask this individual what she was doing there and how she sustained her injuries. 

Perhaps there was a good legitimate reason for her to be there but it is imperative that the public are made aware of this reason so as to dispel any perception that republican sympathisers are actively implanting themselves in every area of civic society and within all government bodies.


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