The DUPlicitious world of the swish family Robinson 

The dark world of the swish family Robinson has long been hidden behind the veil of a well crafted public front, contrived by DUP propaganda. Those walls of Jericho are rapidly collapsing as many of the DUP members and businessmen -who were once part of the corruption and network of ‘influence- begin to turn on Robinson and ‘leak’ their hidden secrets in an attempt to save themselves. 
It should not be ignored that every time the old guard faction within the DUP begin to rumble Robinson, the First Minister comes out with calls for public inquiries into Kincora. It is also no coincidence that Peters protege, Gavin Robinson, once again- this week- raised the ‘positive work’ by Peter Robinson in attempting to expose Kincora. 
This is Robinson’s way of firing a warning shot to some of those lining up against him. He metaphorically knows where the bodies are buried in relation to Kincora but why doesn’t he come out publicly and reveal what he knows? He would much rather sit on the information and use it as leverage against some of his internal party opponents who fear that the truth about Kincora would shatter a particular faction of the DUP. 
In late July and early August in 1982, Peter Robinson convened two all day sessions on two successive Saturdays to discuss three issues. These were- the purchase of property by the DUP, increasing party membership and another issue. We will not delve into the third issue at this point in time, but sufficient to say that Peter Robinson waited until Ian Paisley was out of the Country before proceeding down this route- a route that would eventually lead to the Paris three escapade and another relationship. 
Present at these sessions were people such as Nigel Dodds, Gregory Campbell, Roy Thompson, Denny Vitty, Cedric Wilson and another individual. They met with other persons who shall remain nameless at this point in time. 
The result of these sessions was the production of a thick document (approx 1.5 inches). 

This document was hidden from Paisley and was the genesis of Ulster Resistance and a relationship that only fully came to fruition once Robinson had unceremoniously dumped Ian Paisley, the founding father of the DUP, out of office. 
Perhaps the media should enquire of Mr Robinson or any of the others present what these sessions were about? (Of course I know, as do others, but let’s give our First Minister the opportunity to tell the truth before he is confronted with it) 
Of course the dark world of the swish family Robinson is deeply rooted in property and planning scams. In the coming days we will reveal details of many of these scams- such as the housing areas around the Four Winds bar, the intimidation of a businessman from Indiana land at Dundonald Ice Bowl, the handing over of a £1 million cheque to Peter Robinson whilst he was the Chairman of the planning committee of Castlereagh Council and much more. 
But just to get us started let’s look at the experience of Ronnie Ferguson, a veteran UUP Councillor in Newtownards and former window cleaner. Ferguson had the contract for cleaning the windows of Robinson’s house. One day as he was undertaking his duties he climbed onto the roof and walked to the dormer window-there he saw two people making love. Neither of the two people was Peter or Iris Robinson, instead he saw our old friend, Sammy ‘the streaker’ Wilson and another woman, who I shall not name. 
Ronnie Ferguson had another experience at the Robinson house mind you- one day poor old Ronnie wrecked the archway- more on this archway in coming days- between the house and the garage. Ronnie had caught it with ladders pointing skywards from a trailer and not- as usual- attached to the roof of his car. Robinson was furious and Ronnie Ferguson agreed to organise and pay for the repair himself. You would think this would have satisfied Robinson, but oh no, he further feathered his nest by submitting a fraudulent claim to his insurance company in region of £1,100. This is the character of our duplicitous First Minister. 

This is the beginning, a taster of what’s to come, and let me assure you, what is to come will expose the corruption at the very heart of Robinson’s DUP dynasty! 


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