9 Millmount Road- The genesis of corruption aided by an unhealthy DUP interest 

The DUP interest in the Millmount Road site in Dundonald goes back quite some time. Let’s take a look at the goings on in relation to 9 Millmount Road- the house described once by Adam Armstrong as the “keys to the Kingdom.”  

 In 2006 the DUP voted through Council a proposal to waive two rights of way at the Millmount House site. This of course increased the value of the site- a site that would find it’s way into hands of Adam Armstrong via his company ‘Mar Properties’. Armstrong is a close friend of Peter Robinson- and Iris.  

 The house at 9 Millmount was originally owned by Gerard Meenan- a builder and former CID officer- who then bizarrely sold the property to the NIHE under the Sped scheme. It is unclear who ‘intimidated’ Mr Meenan. NIHE then sold the house to none other than Adam Armstrong at a knock down price. 

Why did the DUP take such a keen interest in increasing the value of this site? 

Who took the decision within NIHE to accept the property onto the Sped scheme and subsequently to sell it to Adam Armstrong? 

Adam Armstrong has previously provided ‘payments’ to Councillors in return for favours and their influence. These off the books payments for Councillors usually range from £500- £2,000. 

You will also see below a copy of an alleged agreement for a loan, signed and ‘witnessed’ by a local Solictor. The only problem is that it is believed that the lenders never actually lent any money and knew nothing about this agreement.  

 Therefore who actually did the solicitor witness this agreement in front of? And is it a fraudulent document that could reasonably be perceived as part of a intricit money laundering scheme? 

One could only imagine just how illegal this whole transaction would be if, in fact, it was actually Adam Armstrong who had ‘leant’ the money to Gerard Meenan- who then purchased Millmount house- before selling it to NIHE under the Sped scheme because he was apparently ‘intimidated’ and then Adam Armstrong purchased it back himself from NIHE. Let’s not forget of course the bizarre interest of the DUP in increasing the value of the property.

And of course in another relevant document- by sheer coincidence of course- up pops our old friends in Tughans….. 



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