#NAMA- Daunting unanswered questions..

Yesterday I published a new blog asking the media to ask particular questions in relation to the Lagan group, Adam Armstrong and Noel Murphy. Credit to the BBC, they followed up these allegations and at tea time today confirmed them to have been factual. I had first raised this issue over a week ago. 

Lagans employed Gareth Robinson to assist them in gaining a favourable decision from NAMA in relation to the Millmount Road site in Dundonald. They also employ former Tughans £7m man- Ian Coulter. 

Noel Murphy and Adam Armstrong are also close friends of the Robinson’s. Adam Armstrong was especially ‘close’ to Iris Robinson, he took great delight in boasting about his closeness to Iris during dinner parties where he would often produce text messages as ‘evidence’. 

The links between Peter Robinson, his ‘fixers’ and Murphy and Armstrong run much deeper than NAMA, they have collaborated on many shady ‘deals’- more of that in the coming weeks. 

The media have yet still not mentioned Alan Mains. To recap Alan Mains worked with Harry Breen and Bob Buchanan. He was supposed to travel with Harry Breen to a meeting in Dundalk- however MI5 knew of a PIRA plot to murder the occupants of the car along the route. MI5 allowed the murders to go ahead to protect assets within the PIRA. Strangely Alan Mains was supposed to be in the car- but had “begged” off due to a supposed Rugby match. 

At this time the current head of Cerebus Europe, Ranald Coggle, was working for MI5 under the cover of the fraud squad in New Scotland Yard. He investigated money laundering, fuel smuggling etc. It is somewhat ‘coincidental’ that Alan Mains was supposed to travel to Dundalk to discuss money laundering and fuel smuggling. 

It has been confirmed today that Alan Mains and Ranald Coggle cooperated from the 1970’s right up to 1991 when Coggle left New Scotland Yard. They then continued their friendship amongst various ‘networks’ right up until the present day, where they cooperated to secure sweetheart deals for the white collar crooks associated with the Robinson family. 

There is a thread running throughout the Harry Breen and Bob Buchanan incident that raises serious questions. 
Alan Mains relationship with MI5 man Coggle and the fact they cooperated on money laundering and fuel smuggling investigations- the very kind of investigation Mains and Breen were to head to Dundalk to discuss- appears to raise some daunting unanswered questions about who really knew what and who was really working for who on that fateful day. 

Alan Mains has also benefited from a refinancing of NAMA debt- which had been purchased by Cerberus. The media should look at companies were Mains was a director and the erratic financial activity and sudden name changes and ‘vanishing’ of these companies. 

It is also important to ask Peter Robinson why he has met with Alan Mains- a ‘security consultant’- at Stormont and other venues and what meetings did Mains attend in relation to Cerberus and NAMA. 

There is much more information coming this week, the onus is on the media to pursue these very real public interest issues and expose the white collar crooks and political gangsters making millions on the back of the ordinary citizens of this Country and the Republic of Ireland. 


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