#NAMA update- Alan Maines, Gareth Robinson & sweetheart deals for Robbo’s pals

One name that has yet been unreported in the mainstream media is one of the key players in the NAMA scandal, Alan Mains. Before we look at just who he is, let’s take a look back on the recent NAMA developments.
 Last week this blog revealed the sweetheart deal that Peter Robinson’s influence was able to secure for his friend Paddy Kearney and it also highlighted the involvement of Jefferies Loan core. Susan Thompson of the Irish News followed up this story on Saturday and further revealed details of the dinner arranged to ‘celebrate’ the refinancing of Paddy Kearney’s Cerberus debt. 

Other companies have also benefited from sweetheart deals in relation to the refinancing of their Cerberus debt through Jefferies Loan core, including Robinson’s other business buddies Noel Murphy and Adam Armstrong. More details and documents in relation to these deals, which all took place around the same time as Paddy Kearney’s sweetheart deal, will be revealed later in the week. 

Eamonn Mallie took to twitter during the week to ask why the Finance committee had not sought to speak to me in relation to NAMA and the revelations as he felt I “knew more than many of the committee members.” 

Mallie also made reference to the Jefferies revelation contained within last week’s blog and insisted that only a “small number of stakeholders” would have been aware of their involvement in the Cerberus/NAMA story. 

I responded to Eamonn by making clear I would happily appear before the committee, I have documents and facts to prove every allegation. Why waste time with a drip feed of information when I could simply come before the committee and provide all the evidence you need? One suspects that perhaps the finance committee is conducting a sham fight, keen to score a few political points but not really interested in taking on the cash for influence wing of the DUP. 

Since the NAMA story broke Gareth Robinson has disappeared from public view. More details about his PR and consultancy ‘work’ is becoming clearer by the day, not least of all his involvement in the Millmount portfolio in Dundonald, where he was recruited by the Lagan group- who now also employ Ian Coulter, formerly of Tughans- to ensure that his father and his DUP allies could use their influence to secure a £9m contract for Lagans. A contract NAMA had initially rejected. 

Gareth Robinson has yet to deny the fact that he is a habitual user of cocaine and that he frequently run up debts to drug dealers and criminals. He is also closely linked to Zoe Salmon and it can now be revealed that he attempted, just over a year ago, to seek the assistance of third parties within the community to ‘sort out’ a problem that she was experiencing with tenants in a plush apartment she rented out in Belfast City Centre. The matter eventually ended up finding its way into civil court. One wonders why Gareth was so keen to act as a ‘fixer’ for Zoe Salmon? 

Now on to the mystery man, the person whose fingerprints is all over the Cerberus deals, yet who has managed to remain out of the media spotlight- for the time being. 

Alan Mains is a former senior RUC/PSNI officer. He is a close friend of Ronnie Flanagan and he gave evidence at the Smithwick tribunal in relation to the PIRA murders of Harry Breen and Bob Buchanan. During that tribunal a former Force Research Unit officer, Ian Hurst, gave evidence that the British Intelligence services were aware of the plot to murder the two senior RUC officers, but did not pass this information on. 

In a remarkable coincidence, Alan Mains was supposed to be in the car on the day Breen and Buchanan were murdered, but he had “begged” to be left behind because he apparently had a Rugby match that evening. Bob Buchanan took his place. 

Mains is a friend of Ranald Coggle, a former MI5 operative who worked under the cover of the New Scotland Yard Fraud Squad from 1976-1991. The extent of Mains links to MI5, the origins of his relationship with Coggle or what intelligence he shared with MI5 or received from them is unknown. What is known is that former FRU officer, Ian Hurst, claims MI5 knew of the plot to murder the officers and coincidently Alan Mains “begged” to be left behind- thus avoiding the ambush. 

Alan Mains now has a variety of roles, but mainly promotes himself as a ‘security consultant’. In his security role he works for the Box nightclub. This makes it all the more remarkable that he would be involved in fixing business and finance deals for friends of the Robinsons. What has this got to do with security consultancy? 

Mains has attended meetings at Stormont with Peter Robinson and was also closely involved in negotiations with Cerberus- negotiations which led to sweetheart deals for Robinsons business circle including white collar crooks such as Noel Murphy, Adam Armstrong, Paddy Kearney and the Lagan group. 

The go-to man for these sweetheart deals was Alan Mains, who acting with the full knowledge of Peter Robinson, then negotiated with his old MI5 associate- turned Cerberus European head honcho- Ranald O Coggle. 

Alan Mains within the past number of weeks has made approaches to private investigation companies and enquired about ‘bugging’ premises and also sought assistance to ‘stop the leaks’. Given the links that Alan Mains would still have within the highest levels of the intelligence services, this is a sinister development. One wonders if Alan Mains is planning a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign against those that he, his friends in the DUP and the business world, blame for collapsing their house of cards? 

The media should ask the DUP to confirm that Alan Mains has attended meetings with Peter Robinson at Stormont and enquire what role Alan Mains undertakes for the DUP? 

They should also ask has any payment ever been made to Alan Mains for consultancy work and last but not least they should look into the refinancing of Cerberus loan debt. Adam Armstrong, Noel Murphy and the Lagan group where the beneficiaries of these sweetheart deals around the same time as Paddy Kearney closed his deal.


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