The sordid world of the swish family Robinson- NAMA, off shore accounts and shady pay offs

The corruption that lies at the very heart of government in Northern Ireland can tonight be partly exposed by the revelations that Gareth Robinson and his father, Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson, have allegedly contrived in the most unscrupulous fashion along with Ian Coulter, Frank Cushnahan, Terence Brannigan and Ken Cleland in at least two shady backroom deals that has seen NAMA property sold off at knock down prices, with a tidy profit earmarked for Gareth Robinson as the ‘fixer’ and with a large percentage to be diverted to his father, Peter Robinson, as a payment for using his influence to ensure that NAMA property was on the market at knock down prices. 

It is understood that the BBC are aware of all the following information, but it has been alleged that Robinsons lawyer, Paul Tweed- who has gotten numerous high profile figures super injunctions, has secured some form of a temporary injunction upon the BBC, preventing them from revealing the finer details of this sordid deal. 

Frank Cushnahan and Ian Coulter, a former employee of Tughans solicitors, contrived with Peter and Gareth Robinson to make unsolicited approaches to potential buyers of NAMA property, whilst Frank Cushnahan was himself still a NAMA director- offering them the opportunity to purchase the properties for at times as little as a third of their value. This was allegedly done with the full knowledge of Peter Robinson and his son Gareth who was the ‘fixer’ in these deals, guaranteeing his father’s influence in return for a shady pay off. 

A £7 million ‘pay off’ was arranged, to be cloaked as ‘fees’ and this money was earmarked for those who had used their influence to ensure the cheapest possible deal for any potential buyers. This £7 million was diverted by Ian Coulter into an off shore account and it can tonight be revealed that the political figure set to benefit from a portion of that sum was First Minister Peter Robinson and his son, Gareth. It is believed that in the region of £1.2 million was to be set aside for the Robinsons. It is, as yet, unknown who the other benefactors were set to be. 

Gareth Robinson has had previous dealings with Tughans solicitors, during the recent Carl Frampton fight, Gareth Robinson had a disagreement with representatives of Tughans and it has been claimed that he was, at the time, under the influence of cocaine. It has further been alleged that Gareth Robinson is a regular user of cocaine and this, it is claimed, is known widely within DUP circles. This has been confirmed by a senior DUP MLA who spoke of his knowledge of Gareth Robinsons alleged cocaine habit. 

Peter Robinson has also worked closely with Terence Brannigan and Ken Cleland in the purchase of a Belfast property under NAMA. It is believed this property is the old Belfast tech. The property was sold to Brannigan and a close relative of Cleland- who fronted his side of the purchase on his behalf due to financial issues Ken Cleland was experiencing- for a third of its value and shockingly it is believed that the same property was then sold on to an interested buyer less than twenty four hours later- with a handsome £100,000 profit for Brannigan and Cleland’s close relative. Terence Brannigan and Ken Cleland were both on the board of the Maze/Long Kesh project. 

The above information, which is alleged to be true, is a shocking example of the corruption that lays at the heart of the DUP and by extension the Government of Northern Ireland. It is not the first time that the DUP have sought to use their influence in planning, the property market or the awarding of contracts to benefit their friends or business associates. 

It is time that all was revealed about these sordid ‘deals’. This brief account only scratches the surface, what lies beneath is much more frightening. A public inquiry, chaired by an independent outsider is needed to get to the bottom of the corruption and shady world of ‘fixers’ and ‘pay offs’. 

I was warned tonight that the Robinsons were a powerful family with powerful connections and that I should think carefully about releasing this information. My answer to that is that the power lies with the people, we live in a democracy and the Robinson dynasty, and the alleged shady and possibly even criminal world inhibited by certain property developers and business ‘syndicates’ needs exposed.


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