A challenge to ivory tower imbecile Brian John Spencer to visit ‘middle class suburbia’.

I notice this morning that Brian John Spencer, that imbecile of a man, has once again written a blog solely devoted to me. Quite where BJS would be without loyalists is beyond me. 

In this latest offering by Spencer, who only days ago wrote in the Newsletter that he was not a Northern Ireland Unionist, he claims I am not a working class Protestant, compares me to Hitler and Napoleon and describes my upbringing as middle class. Welcome to the mind of Brian John Spencer. 

I don’t know who does BJS’s research, but he needs to find someone better. My entire family have been working class their entire lives, proudly coming from staunchly loyalist housing estates and along the border. All have worked in the ship yard, factories or served in the UDR. A great many were active loyalists from before I or BJS was even born. I grew up one hundred yards from the local bonfire. 

 His fantasy story about middle class suburbia is just that- something concocted in that weird and wonderful world of his. I doubt BJS has even been to Donaghadee or the Kilcooley estate. A quick drive through the loyal town of Donaghadee and you will not see  middle class suburbia- but Union flags on every lamppost and a proud tradition of marching bands and organeism. 

I extend an invite to Brian John Spencer to come down to the Kilcooley estate and Donaghadee. Come to the bonfire and meet some of the people you so venomously dismiss and deride. 

A catholic priest recently took the time to come down, he was made very welcome and took a keen interest in exploring the reasons behind bonfires and the flying of flags. That was real engagement and real uncomfortable conversations- a distant world from the ivory tower of Brian John Spencer. 
So I challenge Brian John Spencer to put his money where his mouth is- come down and engage in those uncomfortable conversations, tell those collecting for the bonfire why they are so misguided and also you can have a tour around middle class suburbia. You might learn something. 

Will Brian John Spencer take up this offer or will he continue to ride on the back of loyalism writing drivel and nonsense and creating fantasy comic book stories about me? Balls in your court Brian! 


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