Looking without seeing- Barra McGrory & Prosecutioral bias.

It seems like Barra McGrory, and the Public Prosecution Service, are rarely out of the news recently. As they stumble from one shambles to the next, it appears that even the DUP- who of course conspired with Sinn Fein to agree to the appointments of John Larkin and Barra McGrory during the Hillsborough Agreement- is beginning to find themselves in the position of having to publicly challenge the continued role of Barra McGrory as DPP. 

The DUP use phrases like ‘there is a perception of bias’ and other passive language. There is no perception, there is only reality, and in this shameful situation the reality is blatantly obvious. The bias from the PPS is obvious and the message they send is clear- if you are a pro peace process republican you will be protected- if you stray from the Sinn Fein party line then you will be pursued. That is why Ivor Bell meets the evidential threshold and Gerry Adams does not. The PPS have already made a prosecutorial decision on Gerry Adams in relation the disappearance of Jean McConville. There is insufficient evidence. 

Contrast the refusal to pursue republicans and the issuing of ‘comfort letters’, of which the DPP played his part in conspiring in his role acting corporately on behalf of the IRA, to the relentless pursuit of veteran loyalists. Look how loyalists are thrown in jail for peacefully protesting or ‘provocatively waving the Union flag’, whilst republicans who get caught with semtex in their houses have charges dropped. Look with amazement at how a republican on a bombing ‘operation’ has his charges dropped to cigarette smuggling. All under the watchful eye of the IRA’s former solicitor, Barra McGrory, the man who coincidently began a remarkably quick rise through the legal ranks just in time for the devolution of policing and justice. This remarkable rise began in 2007, just as the devolved Assembly was in its infancy. Oh what a tangled web we weave… 

Look at the recent shambles of the Mairia Cahill case, the collapse of the IRA membership trial against former Belfast Brigade commander Padraig Wilson and senior South Armagh IRA man Sean Hughes and the farcical cases brought against Union flag protestors and bandsmen. If only Barra McGrory pursued republican terrorists with the same vigour as he pursues those playing a flute or waving the flag, then perhaps there could be even the slightest confidence in the PPS. Perhaps Barra McGrory could make an effort to at the very least play the game and pretend that the levers of justice are still impartial- it seems however that we are now even past the stage of pretending. Barra McGrory and his cohorts in the PPS just blatantly and without recourse persecute the Protestant community; they do not care how obvious it is, because there is no one to challenge them. After all it is the DUP who give the nod and the wink for Sinn Fein to select a republican placeman to take up the senior prosecutorial role. 

Of course we also had the farcical nature of Gerry Adams former solicitor, Barra McGrory, requesting Gerry Adams other former solicitor, John Larkin to review the decision by the PPS- of which Barra McGrory is DPP- not to prosecute their former client, Gerry Adams. Where else in any civilised democracy would such a farcical system be allowed to continue unimpeded. Could anyone imagine America elevating Bin Laden’s legal advocate to Attorney General. I should think not. 

People are looking without seeing and listening without hearing. I can only conclude that some are purposefully turning a blind eye whilst others are predictably burying their heads in the sand. There are none so blind as those who will not see.


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