Open letter to Ards & North Down Borough Councillors ref; Gay marriage motion. 

Dear Cllr, 

It is my understanding that a motion is to be brought before Council, by the Alliance party, which will ask this Council to lend their support to the campaign for gay marriage. As a resident of the Borough I am writing to ask you not to support this motion. 

The campaign for gay marriage is primarily being promoted and pushed by a coalition of left wing parties, Trade Unions and groups. As they all stand side by side it would almost remind you of the old communist bloc. 

The campaign for gay marriage seeks to label all those who oppose it as ‘homophobic’ or ‘religious fundamentalists’. They demand ‘tolerance’ yet scream that anyone who holds a view opposite to their own is ‘homophobic’ and should be ignored because they are an ‘irrelevance’. Of course anyone at all who supports gay marriage is extolled as ‘relevant’ and should be listened to. The more aggressive left wing fanatics are blinded to their own blatant hypocrisy. I urge you not to be swayed or bullied by these individuals, groups and political parties. 

Marriage has long been an established part of British society; in fact British society was originally founded upon civilised Christian principles and morals. Our monarch is the ‘Defender of the faith’. 

Unionists on the council will hear all sorts of ludicrous arguments such as gay marriage should be legislated for in Northern Ireland because it has been legalised in the rest of the UK, and therefore to refuse to legislate for it in our Assembly is anti British- such nonsense. 

Ask those perpetuating such a theory if they support welfare reform and demand the same welfare system as the rest of the United Kingdom, ask them do they demand the collapse of the assembly because our system of mandatory coalition is different than the rest of the UK. Of course they won’t, as a matter of fact you will find the same people who are perpetuating such an argument, standing shoulder to shoulder with the left wing anti-austerity movement demanding we refuse to implement a welfare system that has been legislated for by the UK parliament. They can’t have their cake and eat it! (There are many issues with welfare reform which will be extremely damaging to many within our society, yet the right to oppose them would vanish of we followed the argument of those who demand we slavishly follow Westminster. Co-incidently these are the same people who so strenuously oppose welfare reform.) 

I have no issue with gay people, I oppose the redefinition of marriage not because I dislike gay people as individuals, but rather because I oppose that lifestyle choice. The person is no better or no worse than me. I have much sin in my life, as I am sure do most of the Cllrs, but this does not mean that I, or you as a Cllr, do not have the right to stand up for the principles and morals you believe in and articulate opposition to what is a live political issue. 

The notion of gay marriage is based upon a fatally flawed concept of ‘equality’. This idea of ‘equality’ really at its core means that anyone should be allowed to do anything that makes them happy, and as a society we should legislate to allow it. It allows a minority as small as one to dictate to the majority. In fact recently the gay rights movement have even sought to urge that there should not be a referendum on the issue because the majority should not decide upon their right to marry. Effectively they now want to bypass the democracy, which they so extolled the success of in the Republic, and just demand that the Government legislates for their demands. 

An elementary child could see the logical trajectory of this irrational argument. What happens when a man wants to marry two women? Should we legislate for that? What happens if a man wants to marry a teenage boy who argues that the legal age for sex and marriage should be lowered, because he is a consenting adult in his own mind and is in love, who would anyone be to object? Sure each to their own is our new motto, anything goes. This notion of equality is illogical. It seeks to use emotional blackmail to usurp the rational thought process. 

The European Court of Human Rights, which has given many ludicrous rulings, has still to rule that same sex marriage is a human right. There is no equality between heterosexual marriage and same sex marriage. 

The purpose of marriage is primarily to create a loving and stable environment for the procreation of children. A same sex couple cannot procreate, so therefore one of the fundamental purposes of marriage is null and void. I myself have a child out of wedlock and I have created a loving environment to raise that child. Many single parents also raise their children better than married heterosexual couples raise theirs, but that still does not take away from the fact of what the purpose of marriage actually is. 

Some churches have waded into the argument proclaiming they will marry same sex couples. That is a most dangerous position to take because those who claim to know God and act contrary to his ways will be judged harsher than those who are unbelievers. Don’t blame me for that, blame the Bible! 

I urge you, Councillor, to oppose this motion which is primarily an attempt to bully society into legislating for gay marriage. Ask yourself a simple question, what next? What if the next campaign you are asked to support is a man marrying two women? And I am sure in your own mind you can keep pushing the boat out until you see just what dangerous waters we could end up entering if we follow this irrational and fatally flawed notion of equality. 


Jamie Bryson


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