John Loughran- Cliches & hashtags that epitomise the hypocrisy of Sinn Fein!

If one was to search for an example of the blatant hypocrisy that oozes from every pore of Irish Republicanism, then you could do worse than take a glance at the twitter feed of John Loughran, a Belfast Sinn Fein member who was local council candidate. 

I have encountered John Loughran in the past. Some loyalists- who were fooled by his clichés and honeyed words- agreed for him to work on a bonfire management document for North Down Borough Council. I opposed this at the time, and in light of his more overt involvement with Sinn Fein since, I feel I have been entirely vindicated. Just who in the right mind would ask Sinn Fein to assist in drawing up a bonfire management programme? The very same persons who agreed to that perverse notion then act shocked to find that bonfire management programmes end up riddled with trojan horses designed to eradicate bonfires! 

On twitter you can regularly see John extolling the virtues of the peace ‘process’, but cloaked in fancy clichés- for he is the king of clichés- and smothered in fancy hashtags, the truth is hidden beneath the carefully crafted Sinn Fein veil of peace and reconciliation. 

Recently John challenged me on whether I upheld the rights of the majority of those on this ‘Island’- John is well versed in Sinn Fein lingo and even manages to incorporate it into his clichés and hashtags- who voted for the Belfast Agreement. I do. I oppose the agreement and self-identify as an anti-agreement loyalist, but I uphold the principle of democracy and because of that I have to accept that the majority of the people within Northern Ireland (I still object wholly to the validity of the Republic of Ireland being given any say in Northern Ireland) voted for the Belfast Agreement. I do therefore, however, have the right to seek to change what I see as a perverse and iniquitous agreement by exclusively peaceful and lawful means. 

Following this discussion I decided to present a challenge to John, I asked him if he condemned the IRA terrorist campaign. After all John is a great advocate of the democracy of the Belfast Agreement, so either he is a democrat all the time or he only happens to be a democrat when he gets an agreement that suits him. You see, John Loughran epitomises Sinn Fein- they are democrats as long as democracy is a useful tactic for their ‘struggle’- but if the majority of people wished tomorrow to implement a system of Government that was not to Sinn Fein’s liking, then the logic of their justification of the past is that they would again support the use of terrorism to trump democracy in the future, if it suited their ‘struggle’. John has of yet refused to condemn the IRA, I can only draw from that that he supported the IRA terrorist campaign and therefore is not really a democrat, but rather a supporter of a bastardised democracy that exists with a metaphorical IRA gun to its head! 

John also regularly includes little clichés like ‘right to truth’ and calls for ‘inclusive truth recovery process’- that is of course unless you are Mairia Cahill, a Loyalist or a victim of the IRA- at which point you need to embrace the ‘process’ and move on. When John says ‘right to truth’ what he means is you have the right to accept Sinn Fein’s self-serving version of the truth or else you are just part of a dark cabal trying to drag us back. 

Perhaps I am wrong and John Loughran will confound us all by demanding a right to truth for Mairia Cahill and victims of the IRA and perhaps he will properly extoll the virtues of democracy by denouncing the IRA’s evil terror campaign. I have to say that I doubt he will. 

John Loughran is a day and daily example of Sinn Fein’s idea of the peace ‘process’. He epitomises the trajectory of the process from the republican perspective. It is a right to truth, as long as it is a truth rubber stamped and approved by Sinn Fein. It is a right to equality as long as it fits into the Trojan horse agenda to ‘break the bastards’. 

 John Loughran stands as a prominent example of someone indoctrinated by the Sinn Fein cult. For all the noble virtues he preaches- he cannot bring himself to condemn the most horrific terrorist campaign or to speak out against those within his own party who covered up the sexual abuse of Mairia Cahill and God knows how many others. He simply churns out clichés and hashtags from his Sinn Fein approved dictionary, designed to re-write history and break the bastards. 

If you really want the truth then look beyond the clichés, fancy hashtags and honeyed words. Lurking just beneath the surface is the hypocrisy that shows Sinn Fein is rotten to the core. It is not about peace and reconciliation, it is about re-writing history and ensuring that Sinn Fein win the peace, for if they don’t they reserve the moral right to go back to the ‘bad old days’. What it really means is that we must all swallow the honeyed words of Sinn Fein peacemakers like John Loughran, because if we don’t, then we run the risk of going back to the ‘bad old days’. But who would take us back to those days, I ask? Yes it would be the very same people who currently preach peace and reconciliation but continue to justify the use of terrorism to try and trump democracy- Sinn Fein/IRA!


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