Do not be fooled by the faux ‘hardening’ of attitudes by those within PUL community who are Trojan horse enablers! 

I have recently noticed a faux hardening of attitudes amongst sections of the PUL community who have previously been, and continue to be, wedded to the peace process and the failed Stormont system that is sustained by the DUP. 

Many of those who championed the OFMDFM contrived plans to create a ‘neutral’ Northern Ireland, a shared identity, which is code for the dilution of the PUL culture and identity, have now flip flopped and for some unknown reason are effectively trying to out hardline the hardliners. 
These OFMDFM plans would have seen the eradication of bonfires, flags and parading. Many of the main conspirators in these contrived schemes appear to have rowed back and are now occupying the position that has been articulated for many years by those of us who have stood as the last line of resistance, a line of resistance that has managed to stall the relentless Trojan horse of the ‘piece by peace’ process- a Trojan horse that has sadly been facilitated by some within the PUL community who have been happy to join hand in hand with SF/IRA for financial gain. A few scraps of the OFMDFM table have been enough for many people to sacrifice the principles of Ulster Protestantism. Those who have sold their soul long ago have a bare faced cheek to pretend that they have now had some kind of Damascus moment and are all of a sudden resisting in defence of the PUL culture and identity! Shame on them! 
Some people may be fooled by a sudden ‘hardening’ of attitudes by those who are still inextricably linked to the DUP sustained peace process, I am not. It is a scheme and it is a scam and no doubt at the end of these contrived manoeuvres lies yet another financial pot as a reward for the conspirators, who pretend to  be ‘hardline’ as a means of trying to lessen the influence of those who have stood in resistance to this sham process- whilst the flip floppers have acted as sustainers of the process and enablers of the IRA Trojan horse! 

I do not forget who stood behind the people of Ulster in defence of the Union flag, a just a noble cause! 


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